(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Kou Ping, 32 years old, is an employee of the Mobile Company in Huan County. His wife, Miao Huixia, 32 years old, works in the Genwan Township government in Huan County. Both of them are Falun Gong practitioners. After 9:00 p.m. on February 16, 2004, over a dozen local police officers came to their home and forcibly searched their house. Among the police officers were Chang Yuhai, Secretary of the Politics & Law Committee in Huan County; Yang Heping, director of the local Public Security Bureau; Cheng Yongzhong, director of the Security Section of the local Public Security Bureau.

Since it was late, Kou Ping refused to open the door. However, the police officers attempted to break the window and lock, forcing Mr. Kou to open the door. The officers turned Mr. Kou's home upside down, and confiscated his computer, photocopier, scanner and Falun Dafa literature among other belongings.

In addition, the officers also threatened Kou Ping's mother and his mother-in-law and forced them to stay inside their bedrooms. Miao Huixia tried to clarify the truth to the police but they refused to listen. Instead, they kept searching around until about 2:00 a.m. and took Kou Ping and his wife away with them. Two days later, both of them were put into the Huan County Detention Center.

During the detention, Miao Huixia refused to be interrogated and was beaten. In the end, she was illegally sentenced to one year and three months of forced labor. After 40 days in the detention center, she was sent to the Gansu Women's Forced Labor Camp in early April 2004. After she was subjected to all sorts of torture, Miao Huixia was released in May 2005.

Kou Ping was unlawfully sentenced to prison for three years. Currently, he is still being detained in the Huan County Detention Center. Kou Ping and Miao Huixia wrote a so-called "Statement of Regret" in their state of confusion after being brutally tortured. Later, both of them declared that the statement was null and void. Kou Ping's eight-year-old son and his elderly mother are both left at home, under his aunt's care.