(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liu Xiwen was born in 1943. He was a retired teacher at Zhenxing Elementary School in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province. Since the persecution began, Liu was continuously harassed and mistreated by lawless officials from Beilin District Education Bureau and Zhenxing Elementary School. After he went to appeal in Beijing in December 2000, the persecution he endured escalated. Suffering severe injury to body and mind, Liu finally passed away on May 20, 2002. Before this, he had been exiled for fourteen months and eighteen months of his salary was confiscated.

Two photos of Dafa Disciple Liu Xiwen before he passed away

Although it has been three years since the death of Liu Xiwen, the Suihua City Beiyin District Education Bureau has still not given the confiscated salary back to his family, despite two requests.

Not long after Liu's death, Liu's youngest daughter went to see Zhenxing Elementary School authorities to ask for the return of her father's salary. The school authorities replied that the education bureau had decided with the Communist Party Committee that they would not return the money. In 2004, Liu's wife and his eldest daughter went to see the head of the Beilin District Education Bureau, Mr. Yang Zhenbo. They clarified the facts to Yang and requested the return of Liu's salary. When they mentioned the facts about the persecution, Yang continuously denied that the Liu's death had anything to do with him. Yang used various excuses to not return the confiscated money. He yelled, "Go ahead and report me to my superiors if you dare. The more you complain, the more productive I will appear in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners."

Finally, according to Liu's family's demands, Yang wrote a statement admitting that Liu's salary was confiscated because he was a Falun Gong practitioner.

Liu's youngest daughter worked in the same education system as Liu. While her father was being persecuted, she was also targeted. This persecution continued after Liu's death. While she has been a director at Xinhua Elementary School of Suihua City for more than twelve years, and had a distinguished work record and academic achievements, the head of the education bureau, Yang Zhenbo and the secretary of the bureau, Mr. Yu Hongchen, withheld her promotion and harassed her. Yu asked her, "Do you know why you are not promoted? It's because your father practices Falun Gong and you have not done a good job in educating him to give up the practice."

Yang Zhenbo, Yu Hongchen, the current Xinhua Elementary School Principal Zhang Lingzhi, vice-principal Yang Yanbo, Xiao Chunyu, Zhang Yanming, Liu Li, Li Ming, Xiao Shuhua and others tried to pressure her out of the school system. They also spread the evil Communist Party's manipulative tactics to the other teachers and created an atmosphere of terror in the school. No teacher in the whole school dared to speak for justice.

At the end of this year's summer holiday, Yang Zhenbo and Zhang Lingzhi rehired Liu's daughter to work as a teacher at another school.

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Head of Suihua City Beilin District Education Bureau, Yang Zhenbo: 86-455-8226526 (Office), 86-455-8335488 (Home), 86-13624558838 (Cell)
Deputy secretary of Suihua City Beilin District Education Bureau, Yu Hongchen:

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Suihua City Beilin District Education Bureau, Wang Haichun (already retired):

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Suihua City Beilin District Education Burea, Liu Shufan: 86-455-8221224 (Office), 86-455-2913829 (Home), 86-13204552130 (Cell)

Suihua City Zhenxing Elementary School:
Deputy Secretary of Suihua City Zhenxing Elementary School Communist Party Committee, Li Xiuting (now secretary of Suihua City Leifeng Elementary School): 86-455-8344017(Office), 86-455-2919618(Home), 86-13845520619 (Cell)
Deputy principal of Suihua City Zhenxing Elementary School, Wang Li (now principal of Suihua City Leifeng Elementary School: 86-455-8399410 (Office), 86-455-8239120 (Home), 86-13845589120 (Cell)
Instructor of Suihua City Zhenxing Elementary School Young Pioneers, Liu Yufeng (Now vice-principal of Suihua City Jiguang Elementary School: 86-455-8335908 (Office), 86-455-8339881 (Home), 86-13329450198 (Cell)

Principal of Xinhua Elementary School, Zhang Lingzhi: 86-455-8342228 (Office), 86-455-8334595 (Home), 86-455-8868343 (Cell)
Vice-principal of Xinhua Elementary School, Yang Yanbo: 86-455-8236978 (Office), 86-455-8343962 (Home), 86-13846700011 (Cell)
Vice-principal of Xinhua Elementary School, Xiao Chunyu: 86-455-8345333 (Office), 86-455-8343962 (Home), 86-455-8867258 (Cell)
Vice-principal of Xinhua Elementary School, Zhang Yanming: 86-455-2900665 (Office), 86-455-8343962 (Home), 86-13069961257 (Cell)
Director of Xinhua Elementary School, Xiao Shuhua: 86-455-8105966 (Office),

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Teacher at Xinhua Elementary School, Liu Li: 86-455-8226027 (Home)
Head of Suihua City Beilin District Education Bureau, Liu Tiezheng: 86-455-8221584 (Office), 86-455-8345718 (Home), 86-13314558555 (Cell)