(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Lian Jinhua, 40, is a resident of Chaluhe Town, Yongji County, Jilin Province. On July 13, 2005, members of the police station broke into her home and took her to the local government office. Ms. Lian was frequently harassed, fined and detained because of her belief in Falun Gong and for clarifying the truth about the persecution to the local people.

Lian started to learn Falun Gong in 1998. Before becoming a cultivator, there were a lot of conflicts between her and her family. Through studying the Fa, her family life became more harmonious and her health greatly improved. She had several diseases cured without ever going to a hospital. In her business, she was always considerate of the customers and received quite a lot of praise.

After the persecution began, Ms. Lian went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and was arrested on Tiananmen Square on December 24, 1999. A policewoman searched and robbed her of 400 yuan. She was sent back to the local detention center and imprisoned for 15 days. During her detention a local policeman named Guo Laigang forced his way into her home and ordered her family members to write confessions. Yuan Yuepeng, Cong Diansheng, the local police officers, then extorted 180 yuan from her husband.

Ms. Lian went to Beijing a second time to appeal on December 19, 2000 and was illegally arrested. She refused to reveal her identity and Ms. Lian was put into the Dacheng detention center in Hebei. After she initiated a hunger strike to protest her detainment, the wardens held her down on a bed and force-fed her. They came very close to suffocating her to death. On the 15th day of her detention, she was sent to the criminal police team, where she was bound to a bench and tortured by the interrogators. Lian refused to answer their questions and the police captain slapped her in the face several times.

On January 30, 2001, the Chaluhe County government sent 7-8 policemen to her home and tricked her into going to the police station under the guise of "having a conversation" with them. The police ordered her family to pay 2,000 yuan. Her family refused and the local police sent her to the detention center. At the time, only her 13-year-old child and 70-year-old mother-in-law were at home

On October 1, 2001, two police officers Liu Jie and Bai Dongliang of the Chaluhe police station rushed into her home and asked if she would continue practicing Falun Dafa. Ms. Lian answered, "Yes!" They immediately arrested her. Officer Liu kicked her against the wall and let the others carry her into the police vehicle. Ms. Lian was sent to a brainwashing center. She was detained there for 11 days and forced to pay 110 yuan.

In the summer of 2001, Liu Jie and Bai Dongliang again came to harass her and ordered her to give them her fingerprints. Ms. Lian said: "I didn't commit any crime. Why should I let you take my finger prints?" Then they forced her by pressing hard on her arm, making the skin black and blue.

On September 23, 2002, several local policemen arrested her, taking her to the police station. Policeman Zhu Changyan beat her. This time she was sent to the brainwashing center for 16 days and had 300 yuan extorted from her for the cost of meals.

On April 23, 2003, over 10 local policemen scaled a wall to enter her home and searched everywhere until midnight.

On July 13, 2005, at about 3 am, the local government, together with the local police station, sent thugs to her home and arrested her. They took her to the local government office building where she was forced to sign materials slandering Dafa. Ms. Lian refused. Her son and mother-in-law went there to ask them to release her. The policemen pushed her son out and threatened to arrest him too. Afterwards they sent her to the county brainwashing center together with another three Dafa practitioners. The local government spent 8,000 yuan on persecuting local practitioners

The phone numbers of the persons responsible:

Lv Wanfeng: 86-13943215711(Cell), 86-432-4118361(Office)
Zhao Jun: 86-13630655677(Cell)
Zhu Changyan: 86-13843261910(Cell)
Zhang Zhiwei: 86-432-4118361(Cell)
Cong Diansheng: 86-13944258921(Cell)
Liu Guojun: 86-13843261818(Cell)
Wang Biao: 86-13743215133(Cell)
Li Quan: 86-13804441818(Cell), 86-432-4226383(Home), 86-432-4119518
Chen Xi: 86-13943210055(Cell), 86-432-4119688, 86-432-4111990
Liu Guoyan: 86-13331610329 (Cell), 86-432-4112250, 86-13341549329(Cell)
Guan Shufeng: 86-432-4110189