(Clearwisdom.net) My entire family practices Falun Dafa. Since the persecution began, my husband has been persecuted to death, my daughter and son were illegally sentenced, and I have become destitute and homeless.

Here, I want to write about how I rescued my daughter. Because she was afraid while she was imprisoned, she enlightened along an evil path and helped to "transform" several other practitioners. I was disheartened when I heard this news. Our local practitioners were quite busy doing the three things. I also felt that my daughter's case was her own concern and at the moment I could not take care of her. In addition, some practitioners said that sending forth righteous thoughts for her would not be helpful if my daughter herself had enlightened along an evil path. For all these reasons, I did not go to see my daughter. My relatives were also very concerned about our family's sad situation. Some suggested collecting money to save my children first. However, I did not want to add to the arrogance of the police, so I refused to bribe them with money.

After continuous Fa study and experience sharing with other practitioners, I gradually understood that I should not acknowledge my daughter's "evil enlightenment" under the vicious persecution. My daughter is also Teacher's disciple. We are mother and daughter in this lifetime, and our special predestined relationship has clearly indicated that there should be no shirking of responsibility to rescue my daughter.

By that time my daughter had been imprisoned for four years. I went to the city where she was detained to do the three things. I put special emphasis on sending forth righteous thoughts to rescue her. I overcame discouragement from my relatives and I also conquered my own fears. At the same time I eliminated the thought that had been generated and made use of by the evil, the thought that, "The local one body needs co-ordination, and that it is an attachment to emotion to try to rescue my daughter." The day I arrived it was raining. I recited Teacher's poem "Expedition" in Hong Yin II.

"Galloping ten thousand miles, breaking demon formations.

Killing all evil puppet masters.

Eliminating wicked gods.

Forget about your thick fog or fierce wind swirling.

Mountain rains along the way wash off dust of the expedition."

While I was sending forth righteous thoughts on the first day, my celestial eye saw a very clear image of the prison where my daughter was detained billowing with black smoke. There were many bad things behind my daughter and beside her was a basket of waste paper. I realized that Master was encouraging me by letting my celestial eye see this scene. Later in my dream, I killed a big snake with a sword and the small snakes ran away. I whole-heartedly believed Master's teaching, "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful." It has strengthened my confidence to eliminate evil with righteous thoughts. Sometimes I even send forth righteous thoughts in my dreams.

At times, I have sent forth righteous thoughts 17-18 hours a day and slept very little. While I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I was thinking to infiltrate my cultivation energy into my son's and daughter's every single cell in their sacred microscopic dimensions to help them in cleaning up those evil elements that had gotten control of them.

When I visited my daughter, other practitioners helped to send forth righteous thoughts. One time when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw a big character for the word "eliminate" go right into the forehead of an officer. Without the vicious elements behind them, they could only watch us covertly. When we looked directly into their eyes, they stayed away from direct contact and even moved their heads away. In my heart I said to the officers, "I am not begging you. I am rescuing my daughter and saving our fellow practitioners. I also would like to save you at the same time and awaken you."

When I saw my child face to face, I sent forth righteous thoughts at a close distance and recited Master's poems "Don't be Sad" and "Nothing to Fear" from Hong Yin II. When I elevated myself from the Fa, I was not sleepy during Fa study and exercise. I could even find time to mail truth clarification materials and clarify the truth directly to people that I met. There was no delay in the coordinating work with the practitioners in my hometown.

As the saying goes: "When we have enough determination and sincerity, even the impossible can be achieved." Finally, after two months and by virtue of Master's strength and with the help of other practitioners, I achieved the goal of sending forth righteous thoughts for my daughter. At dawn, my daughter was released two years ahead of schedule.

During the process of rescuing my daughter, I followed Master's teaching, "Doing, but without pursuit" ("Abiding in the Dao" in Hong Yin - Translation Version A). I only paid attention to the process and watched every step. It was because we had a good process that we had a good result.

My next plan is to go to the prison where they have illegally detained my son to eliminate all evil in the prison and rescue him and many other Dafa practitioners.