(Clearwisdom.net) One-year-old Chengcheng opened his eyes at seven thirty in the morning. He saw the light of the early morning sun through the window shades. A new day had begun. Papa was away on business these days, and Chengcheng slept beside Mama at night. When he woke up, he sat up by himself and stretched his body. Then, he snuggled against Mama to wake her up.

After breakfast, it's time for Mama to practice her exercises. Chengcheng loves to watch Mama practice. He lay on his back, looking carefully at every movement of Mama's. Maybe he is thinking that Mama will take him in her arms after practicing.

Chengcheng had run out of snacks. So after Mama finished her practice she put him in his stroller and they went to the store to buy more snacks. Then Mama took Chengcheng to the playground to play with the other kids. While at the playground, Mama talked to the parents and grandparents of the other children. An old German woman asked Mama how often she went back to China. Mama said that she hasn't gone back to China for five years. The old woman was astonished, and then Mama told her that she couldn't go back to China because she practices Falun Gong, and Falun Gong practitioners are being persecuted in China. Several other people were also listening and they asked some questions. When Mama said that many children had become orphans or homeless because their parents have been persecuted to death by the Chinese Communist Party, Chengcheng saw that everyone was shaking their heads. They all thought that this persecution was so cruel and inhuman.

Mama's quietest time is when Chengcheng is sleeping. Mama turned on her computer. She first finished the work for a translation client, and prepared a bill. She finished this within one hour. Mama is a professional translator. Ever since Chengcheng was born, Mama has worked from home.

Later, Mama opened her e-mail; she discovered there were e-mails about the postcards for saving Falun Gong orphans. These orphans are the children of the persecuted practitioners in China whom Mama had talked about to others on the playground. The kind people in Germany can send these postcards to the German Government to ask them to help save these children. Mama studied the pictures on the postcards carefully, and wrote an e-mail. She wrote down her thoughts about which design was better, and which words were more moving. Mama planned to buy one hundred postcards and send these postcards to people she knows, to ask them to help save the poor orphaned children in China. Mama said a hundred postcards only cost a few dollars. If hundreds of practitioners in Germany could appeal to people together, then there would be hundreds of postcards sent to the German government. Maybe the German government would then seriously consider the matter, and put forth some ideas that will help rescue these children. Maybe Chengcheng's little brothers and sisters in China can be saved because of this. Maybe they can leave China and live in foreign countries where they would be safe. Maybe they will have a chance to go to kindergartens and school, just like Chengcheng will when he gets older.

When Mama saw on the Internet that Falun Gong practitioners are concerned about current Chinese leader Hu Jintao, she sighed with feeling. It's really like that. Once during a telephone conversation, Mama said to other people that if she did not practice Falun Gong and had not learned to be considerate of others first, she would not care about Hu Jintao. She was an ordinary housewife, who enjoyed a happy, easy life! However, she changed gradually after she started practicing Falun Gong; her mind and vision became broader. She not only thinks about her own family, but also thinks about what she can do for others.

After dinner, Chengcheng went out with Mama again. This time they went to attend weekly Fa study. Local practitioners go to a practitioner's home to study Zhuan Falun, and communicate their thoughts and share cultivation experiences during the week. Chengcheng was only two months old when he went to his first Fa study.

Zhuan Falun is composed of nine lectures. They read the seventh lecture that day. Everyone read one paragraph. Chengcheng played while they were reading. He was quiet, and it seemed he was also listening. Gradually, his eyes closed. His head was in Mama's arms. He slept silently. Mama gently put him on the sofa and went on reading. Later, they discussed a project for saving practitioners in China. Though there were divergences among them, everyone tried to understand the other's viewpoints. They would think about the merits of each other's ideas. The atmosphere was harmonious and honest.

At eleven o'clock, Mama took Chengcheng home. The road was quiet and the shining stars embellished the clear sky. It seemed that they were looking down at babies in their sweet dreams.