The computer has become an essential tool for Dafa practitioners to validate the Fa. However, after a computer runs for a long period of time, files start to accumulate and the system files begin to deteriorate. Plus, problems may arise as more software programs are installed, not to mention viruses that may affect the computer. Therefore, many of us need to reinstall the operating system over and over again for security reasons. But doing so may cost lots of time and effort, even delaying some projects.

Based on the above reasons, it is recommended to generate a backup of your system files, so that the system can be immediately recovered after problems arise. A common backup method is to generate mirror files for system files using Symantec Ghost. Backing up with Ghost works well, but there is a drawback because it needs to run under DOS. Normally, this requires a rebootable CD with Ghost on it, and running the Ghost command to backup the system. If one has no such CD, a system backup can be somewhat tedious.

I would therefore like to introduce a different method for system backup and recovery using Acronis True Image. It is a very powerful tool that meets our daily requirements for system backups.

Summary of the software functions

Acronis True Image is currently the only software that can run the full functions of system backup and recovery in Windows. It has the fastest backup and recovery speed, supports a DVD drive, and is easy to run. Enterprise-version users can use it to copy large amounts of data to high capacity DVDs. True Image is fully compatible with the Windows operating system: all functions can run under Windows and there is no need to switch to DOS. Plus, its speed is superior to its competitors, making it the most convenient tool for system backup and recovery. During the installation, one can also create bootable floppy disks or a bootable CD. The latter is especially useful for those desktop or laptop computers with no floppy drive.

September 9, 2005