(Clearwisdom.net) The Shanghai National Security police began making large-scale, coordinated arrests of local Dafa practitioners on the evening of October 9. That evening, Falun Gong practitioner Lin Mingli was arrested in his residential district. His older brother Lin Shenli of Canada is appealing for his rescue.

Falun Gong practitioner Lin Shenli, who now lives in Canada, was illegally detained in a forced labor camp in China for three years because he practiced Falun Gong. He arrived in Canada in 2003 with the help of a rescue organization and the Canadian government. His younger brother Lin Mingli had also been illegally detained in a forced labor camp for two years starting in April 2001. Because he conducted a hunger strike in protest of the persecution, he was repeatedly force fed, and his esophagus was ruptured. Lin Mingli was released in April 2003 with the help of overseas Falun Gong practitioners and the Canadian government.

Below are the details of the arrest of Lin Mingli, as described by his elder brother Lin Shenli:

At about 10 o'clock on the night of October 9, the electric power to my brother Mingli's home was suddenly cut, though at that time his neighbors' houses still had electricity. Acting on an impulse, Mingli and my sister-in-law went out for a walk. At around 11 o'clock, on their way back home, four policemen suddenly blocked their path. My brother and his wife were arrested, and then the four officers went into Mingli's home, ransacking it until about 2:30 in the morning. After that, the police took my sister-in-law to the local police station at Aomen Road, Putuo District.

The National Security police continuously interrogated my sister-in-law for many hours, and detained her until the next morning. My sister-in-law ran into the hall, strongly protesting the illegal arrest. At that time, my brother had just been escorted to the hall. My sister-in-law told him that the National Security police had illegally arrested her and wouldn't let her go home.

My brother told the police, "If you don't release her, I will die in here!"

Then he hit his head on the concrete floor. Blood immediately covered his head and face. [Note: The teachings of Falun Gong forbid killing, including committing suicide and self-injury. Although in some cases such methods can have some effect against the persecution, they can easily endanger lives. As Dafa disciples, we ought to clearly remember at every moment that we are practitioners. We must treasure our lives and avoid thinking and behaving in an extreme and irrational manner.] The police were shocked, and they released Mingli's wife. By that time it was already ten o'clock in the morning.

On the morning of October 11, the police sent my brother's detention ticket to my sister-in-law. The ticket confirmed that he was charged with the "crime" of making Falun Gong informational materials. Mingli is now detained in the Putuo District Detention Center. The injuries to his head and face are severe.

Contact information
Wu Zhiming, Shanghai City Police Chief and Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary: telephone, 86-21-6372-3030; address, 185 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai City, zip code 200002
Putuo District Police Department: telephone, 86-21-5280-9966; address, 39 Puxiong Road, Shanghai City, zip code 200063