(Clearwisdom.net) On September 9, 2005, policeman Han Xinlei of Xi'an City Police Department in Shaanxi Province was murdered because he openly declared that he was withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by written declaration. Mr. Han Xinlei's parents and grandparents are all living under terror of the CCP right now. Mr. Han's family members are all working in the Police Department, but CCP is not letting them live in peace.

Mr. Han Xinlei was in his 30s. In June 2005, he was shocked after reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. He was very angry at the CCP's evil deeds, and he felt his will to "punish the evil, safeguarding the kind" was deceived by the evil Party's scoundrel means. When he thoroughly saw the evil CCP's "Fake, Evil, and Violent" nature, Mr. Han Xinlei openly wrote a declaration to withdraw from the CCP, then returned his service gun, and decided to quit his job as a policeman.

Ever since Mr. Han declared his withdrawal from the CCP, lawless CCP officials started closely monitoring him, planning to kill him. One day at the end of August 2005, when Mr. Han walked out of his home, a man suddenly ran up from behind and hit the back side of his head hard with a heavy object (either a metal club or a rock). Mr. Han passed out instantly, laid on the ground with severe injuries.

After his family took him to the hospital, the evil Party still would not leave them alone, but sent plain clothes agents to watch them closely. At one point a nurse found that someone had removed his oxygen tube, and told his parents. Mr. Han's parents knew someone was trying to kill him, and decided to watch him themselves day and night. They requested that the Xi'an City Police quickly find the killers, and bring them to justice.

The Xi'an City Police Department Administration said it was not necessary to file a case, since everything would be clear when Mr. Han woke up. Mr. Han's parents were exhausted after several days of waiting at his bedside. Unfortunately, the evil culminated their crime when both his parents fell asleep. When his parents and doctors found out, it was too late, and the rescue effort failed. Mr. Han Xinlei died on September 9, 2005.

Mr. Han Xinlei's parents requested that the Xi'an City Police Department quickly find the murderer, but the department said that since he had already died, it was not necessary to further investigate. They are covering for the killers.