(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 54 year-old man who began to practice Falun Dafa in 2001. I had been in very poor health before and suffered from arthritis, gastritis, and prostatitis. I hardly had the strength to walk very far and was continually in a muddleheaded state.

In May 2001 I was introduced to Falun Dafa, the Universal Law, by a Dafa practitioner. After I learned Falun Dafa, our Teacher purified my body. Within six months I gained strength and was more energetic than before. I could walk as far as I wanted with ease and I no longer felt tired at work. I felt that Falun Dafa was really miraculous.

My family lives in the country. We have lots of work to do and are busy throughout the year. As a result of over-work, my wife had also contracted many diseases. She had arthritis and gastritis for years. I introduced Falun Dafa to her and she started practicing in 2002. Now she too is also walking on the path of returning to her original, true self.

After four months of practice, my wife recovered from arthritis. She used to have trouble sleeping at night because of pain but now she sleeps very soundly. Her gastritis is now under control as well. Her face glows with health as she tells everyone how amazing Falun Dafa is.

Due to years of overwork, my eighty-year-old mother also suffered from all sorts of diseases. Seeing how my wife had changed, experiencing my own rebirth and having Teacher's words about the thousands of years we had been searching for this Fa resound in my ear, I thought, "Why shouldn't I, as her son, introduce this most precious Fa to her? This way wouldn't I display my greatest filial piety to her?" So I took time to visit her, and to introduce Dafa and teach her the exercises. Now when I visit, we do the exercises together. After practicing, my mother is glowing with health and she looks like she is only fifty or sixty years old.

My second sister-in-law suffered from heart disease and dizziness. In the beginning she did not believe in Falun Dafa, but after seeing the changes in my wife and our mother she approached me and asked me to teach her the exercises. Since she began to practice in August 2004, her body has been purified greatly. Our Master is most benevolent and the power of Dafa has manifested in the transformation of my family's health.

Here I want to express my heart-felt thanks to Master and Dafa. It is Dafa that purified our bodies and our hearts. But facts are the best proof. I sincerely hope that more people who have pre-destined relationships can obtain the Fa and practice Falun Dafa. I pledge that I will remain persistent in spreading this Great Law during this most precious time in history.