(Clearwisdom.net) According to reliable news sources, Dafa practitioner Mr. Xu Zhicheng from Hegang City, Helongjiang Province was persecuted to death. Detailed information is to be investigated. According to the news, this is the second Dafa practitioner to be persecuted to death since the local authorities started a round of illegal arrests on September 7, 2005. Xu Zhicheng was around forty years old. His previous workplace was the general affairs office of Nanshan Mine in Hegang City. Because he firmly practiced Falun Dafa, he was illegally sentenced to a labor camp for three years and suffered from tortures in the Hegang City Forced Labor Camp. At the end of September, Mr. Xu was again abducted from his home by the authorities.

It has also been learned that around the beginning of October, a male Dafa practitioner was tortured to death in the Second Detention Center of Hegang City. Further information is not known.

The following is a list of Dafa practitioners who were "illegally arrested" in Hegang City since September 7, 2005.

Gongnong District: Hu Guijie (female) and her husband and Hu Guijie's elder sister and younger sister, Dai Yanwen (female), Huai Yingjie (female, sixty-six years old, was released fifteen days later), Du Guihua (female, was abducted at home on September 15), Zhang Shuping (female, over fifty years old), Yu Xiuqin (female, over sixty years old), Zhao Mujun (female, around sixty years old), Ms. Wang (over fifty years old).

Xiangyang District: Zhao Dezhi (male, sixty-six years old), Dai Xianying (female, sixty-five years old) and her husband, Jia Fenglan (female, over fifty years old), Fan Fengzhen (female, over forty years old), Zang Fengzhi (female, released after 15 days), Zhao Guiyou (female, forty eight years old), Shi Chengjie (female, over forty years old), Yang Yongying (male, forty-three years old, employee of the coal selection plant at Hegang Coal Corporation).

Xinyi District: Dai Chunrong (seventy-two years old, released fifteen days later), Meng Guangzhi (female, sixty-four years old), Xin Haiyan (female, over fifty years old), Niu Shuqin (female, sixty-three years old), Wang Fengling (female, sixty-four years old), Ms. Hu (sixty-one years old).

Xingshan District: Qiao Xuling (male, sixty-one years old, 18th Committee of Xingshan District), Sun Fengling (female, around forty years old), Cheng Shouxiang (male, over forty years old) and his wife, Zeng Qinghe (male, forty years old), Gao Yuwen (female, mother of Zeng Qinghe), the Tang Guirong couple.

Nanshan District: Zhang Junying (male, forty-five years old, worked at the automobile repair shop of the Transportation Bureau of Hegang City), Zhang Aicheng (male, over forty years old, worked for the government of Xingshan District), Li Yuzhang (male, over fifty years old, arrested from home at the end of September), Li Guizhi (female, sixty-seven years old, released eight days later), Jiang Dongfeng (female, sixty-two years old), Ren Xiuyun (female, over forty years old), Li Yulan (female).

Xingan District: Sun Dechang (male, fifty-three years old, worked in the Environmental Protection Bureau of Hegang City), Ding Liyun (female, thirty-seven years old, lived at 301 Building 9 No. 1 Street Xingan District), Liu Guiqin (female, sixty years old, lived at 112 Building 6 No. 1 Street Xingdong Xingan District), Zhang Yuxian (female, sixty-four years old, resided at 1 Building 2 Xingdong Street Xingan District), Run Guofeng (female, forty-three years old, Mechanical Electrical Division, resided at 203 Building 10 Hongqi Street Xingan District) and her husband; Run Guofeng couple has been released.

In addition, there are several Dafa practitioners from out-of-town who were arrested. They are: Zhao Wenjie (female, fifty-nine years old, a retiree of Industrial Commercial Bank of Jiamusi City), Gao Ying (female, from Xinghau Town, Hegang City), Shang Xiping (male, forty years old, deputy head of the police substation of the Forestry Bureau in Huanan County), Liu Liping (female, forty-nine years old, teacher at the 34th Middle School of Daqing City), Dajun (alias, male, over forty years old, from Jiamusi City).

We urgently appeal to international human rights organizations, the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong and righteous people in China and overseas for urgent help in rescuing the illegally-detained Dafa practitioners in the Hegang City Detention Center.

October 12, 2005