(Clearwisdom.net) I know a fellow practitioner who used to have a tumor in his ear. He overcame the challenge of this illness and denied all the old force's plans while watching Master's lectures on DVD. With Master Li's help, the tumor broke down into bloody mucus that secreted naturally from his ear canal. During the course of his difficulties, his aunt, another practitioner, gave him enormous support. Recently, I heard that his aunt has been suffering from illness karma and her past blindness has recurred. I felt very sad and anxious after I learned about her condition. At the same time, I thought about what I often read on the Clearwisdom website, that among practitioners who were tortured to death in China, some had walked away from the evilness of persecution, only to pass away because of illness after they returned home. I have many thoughts related to this situation.

Master Li said:

"The path that Dafa disciples have walked in validating the Fa--where as they cultivate themselves they also save sentient beings, accommodate the needs of the cosmos's Fa-rectification, and disintegrate and clear away the dark minions and rotten demons that are negatively impacting the Fa-rectification and doing evil against Dafa disciples, as well as all the elements of interference and persecution arranged by the old forces--such is the complete path of cultivation, Consummation, and becoming a magnificent god that Disciples of Dafa walk." ("My Version of a 'Stick Wake-up'")

To reflect on Teacher's words, I looked inside myself to eliminate my own attachments. I would like to share my understandings about the issue of illness karma.

1. It is Not Fear of Death, but Denying Death

"Refuse to die." Since we are Falun Dafa practitioners, there are still countless lives that need our salvation. In addition, our cultivation is a way of practice for both mind and body. Master and the Fa are here and our future is bright. We should deny the old forces' evil plan of an early death, so we will not create a negative image of Dafa. We should walk with Master on the path until "the Fa rectifies the world."

2. No Fear of Pain

As we go through illness karma, we should also disintegrate and eliminate pain, and intensify Fa study. We are Falun Dafa practitioners. When we are firm in maintaining righteous thoughts, our illness karma is automatically eliminated. How can we not win against illness karma? You may believe it is only simple karma elimination and take it that way, but when it has negative effects on the three things that Dafa practitioners must do well, then it must be interference from the dark minions and rotten demons. Recently, the interference mainly comes from the Communist Party's evil specter. We must use our righteous thoughts to destroy and disintegrate those dark minions, rotten demons and lowly spirits that use people's karma to interfere in our Fa-rectification. If necessary, you can ask for Master's help and support.

3. Openly and Unswerving, Righteous Thoughts and Actions; Walk the Cultivation Path that Master Li Has Planned for Us

Some practitioners had done very well before when they went through illness karma elimination. They might have even become "role models" of cultivation to their fellow practitioners. However, the old forces hold onto these practitioners' hearts and use the guise of "testing" them to strip away other practitioners' attachments. If we can understand this, then we should objectively look at our own attachments that we have about our fellow practitioners. We should take the Fa as teacher and not be moved by ordinary people's emotions. At the same time, we should use righteous thoughts to deny the incidents that the dark minions have planned. Practitioners who are going through this difficult situation also need to look inside themselves. Is it their own attachments that have brought them the difficult situation? Do they have the attachment of proving themselves instead of validating the Fa?

Due to the limitations of my level, I have written what I understand at this time and I hope it can be of some help to fellow practitioners who are suffering interference from illness karma. Please kindly point out any areas where my understanding may be incorrect.

September 30, 2005