(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Lijuan from Jilin City was sentenced to eighteen months in a forced labor camp. On September 23, 2005, police from the Shuangji and Mingzhu Police Stations of Changyi District, Jilin City transferred Ms. Yang to the Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Changchun. Earlier, on August 24, State Security Unit agent Di Shigang and others has arrested Ms. Yang. They illegally detained her at the No. 3 Detention Center of Jilin City, where she was subjected to brutal torture, including having bamboo sticks hammered through the tips of her fingernails, being force-fed with hot pepper powder and water, being hung by a rope that was tied to a metal window frame, and being shocked with electric batons while tied to a chair.

On the morning of September 23, Ms. Yang's parents, who are in their eighties, went to the detention center and asked to see their daughter. At first, their request was denied. After repeated begging, they were allowed to see her from a distance of tens of meters. The police told the elderly couple that their daughter would be released on September 25, when her detention sentence ended. Ms. Yang's parents believed them and thanked the police at the detention center. However, that afternoon, they received a telephone call from the detention center telling them that their daughter had been sent to the forced labor camp. They were shocked.

On September 21, Yang Lijuan's parents went to the State Security Unit No. 3 of the Jilin Police Department and asked for their daughter's release. At first, the police refused to see them. After repeated requests, an officer named Yang Wei came out and told Ms. Yang's parents to go back to the Shuangji Police Station to obtain a ticket to see their daughter. So Yang Lijuan's parents went to the Shuangji Police Station, and one of the arresting officers, Xu Luqing, told them that the case had been transferred back to Yang Jianxin of the Changyi Police Sub-bureau, Criminal Department (Tel. 86-432-2485263). Xu also give Ms. Yang's parents a notice of criminal detention. The next day, Ms. Yang's mother called Yang Jianxin, but he was very rude to her. He told Ms. Yang's mother that he would not see her, and he told her sarcastically that she could appeal anywhere she wished.

After Ms. Yang was sent to the forced labor camp, her mother called the Shuangji Police Station to verify her daughter's whereabouts. She was told to pick up the notification for "re-education through forced labor" regarding Yang Lijuan. After she refused, they sent the notification the next day.

So far, Ms. Yang's parents have been to the State Security Unit No. 3 of the Jilin Police Department, the Shuangji Police Station, the Mingzhu Police Station and the Changyi Police Sub-bureau to obtain their daughter's release, but no one even paid attention to them. They could not find the person who had promised them that their daughter would be released on September 25. They have no place to file an appeal and are deeply worried that their daughter will again be brutally persecuted at the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp. They are under tremendous pressure and each day feels like a year to them.

Relevant Contact Information -

Police officers from the Shuangji Police Station directly involved in the arrest:
Liu Jiwei: 86-13674320000 (cell)
Xu Luqing: 86-13844632777 (cell)
Yu Yong, director: 86-13089158800 (cell)
Liu Yuhe, education coordinator: 86-432-3507701
Zhang Yujuan (female), participated in an illegal search

State Security Unit Address: 51 Beijing Rd, Chuanyin District, Jilin City, Zip 132084
Di Shigang, 86-432-2409796 (office)

No. 3 Detention Center:
Liu Xuezhi, director: 86-432-2578266 (home)
Liu Changjun, education coordinator: 86-432-7807299 (cell)
Huang Jianmin, assistant director: 86-432-7807298 (cell)
Cong Maohua, assistant director: 86-432-2017071 (home)
Xing Shufen (female): 86-432-2026730 (home)
Zhang Shaoqing, doctor: 86-432-2031188 (home)
Cao Jinyu, 86-432-2433954 (home)
Dong Yuhua, 86-432-2482155 (home)

Mingzhu Police Station: 86-432-2552473, 86-432-2563286
Changyi Police Sub-bureau address: East Jiefang Road 132041
Director office: 86-432-2485301, 86-432-2485303
Political Secretary office: 86-432-2499302
State Security Unit: 86-432-2485537

Jilin City Police Department Address: 51 Beijing Rd, Zip 132084
Fax: 86-432-2454682
Switch board: 86-432-2409221
Director Office: 86-432-2409110, 86-432-2488110

October 5, 2005