(Clearwisdom.net) For a quite a long time, I was interfered with by some demonic elements. This was particularly so when I studied the Fa. When I picked up Zhuan Falun to read, I dozed off. Even when I was not sleepy, I could sometimes feel something preventing me from seeing the inner meaning of the Fa. After I read a paragraph of the Fa, I did not know what I had read. I knew it was the old forces taking advantage of my lack of diligence and interfering with me, so I resolutely negated the interference in my mind and simultaneously tried my best to do the three things well. Because I always did the "three things" by myself, I felt I was still far away from the requirements set by Teacher. This made me very distressed, and even worse, I even failed to solve the problem by sending forth righteous thoughts.

On the evening of October 4, when I started to read the e-book version of Essentials for Further Advancement, the interference again emerged. I began to send forth righteous thoughts to disperse the interference, but I still became very sleepy. In my heart, I felt as if I had no other choice and stopped sending forth the righteous thoughts. I tried to stir my spirit to read the Fa again, but I could not absorb what I read. After reading one paragraph, I still could not remember what the paragraph was about. When I closed my eyes, I found that my mind was not calm. I knocked myself on the head but that did not work.

I thought that I might feel better if I listened to the music of "Pudu" and "Jishi." Therefore, I played "Jishi" and turned up the volume. When the music started to play, an indescribable horror haunted me right away. The horror attempted to force me to turn off the music. I suddenly realized, "Since I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioner, and the music I am listening to is Dafa music, I should feel very comfortable when listening to it. Why would I feel the horror? It must be the demons that have been interfering with me who cannot bear the music, and they are making a last ditch effort to survive. Therefore, they are trying to reflect their fear into my mind."

I felt a bit excited that I could eliminate the interference at last, so I sat down with my hands in the conjoined position (jie yin) and closed my eyes. The horror continued to surround me while the music played, and the interference even extended to the surface of my body, and I experienced wave upon wave of numbness and tightness from head to toe. They also reflected some horrible images into my third eye. However, my thoughts were that I was not scared at all, and it was the demons who were really scared. I would not acknowledge their last ditch struggle in the Fa-rectification, so I raised my palm upright and sincerely asked Teacher and the guardian gods of the Fa to help me eliminate the demons.

During the first few minutes, the horror I experienced was simply unprecedented. Several times I wanted to open my eyes or turn off the music. However, each time my righteous thoughts would prevail, because I was determined to eliminate the demons. Whenever I felt that I could not endure any longer, I held my hands in the lotus hand position and asked Teacher to help me. In this way, I upheld my righteous thoughts. The most horrible time lasted for nearly a minute, and the horror was extreme. However, when I felt the power and mercy of Dafa when listening to the music with righteous thoughts, I enlightened to the understanding that, "If Dafa music can help me with this merciful power to eliminate all the evil interference, I myself should not be thrown into confusion."

The emergence of righteous thoughts made me feel at ease. When the demons made all sorts of frightening movements besides me, I thought of the Fa Teacher taught us:

"With the master and the Fa here what is there to fear? Ignore them!" ("Lecture in Sydney")

When the feeling of horror became very strong, I had the thought, "to drive the demons out of my body's dimensional fields." Instantly, I realized that, since I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioner and eliminating the evil is one of the three things I must do well, then how could I think only about myself? Therefore, I set up a barrier outside my dimensional field so that the demons could not escape.

First, I drove the demons out of my own body and pressed them into the space between my body and the barrier. Then, I mobilized my gong (cultivation energy) and divine power, and I invited the guardian gods of the Fa to help me to disintegrate the demons. When the demons were disintegrated, I invited Falun to dissolve the residual material and to dissolve it into primordial qi for my use. After some time, with my Celestial eye, I saw the ground crack open, and many ugly hand-like things reached out as if they were begging me for forgiveness. At that moment, I remembered that Teacher told us that their manifestation at their death throes should not be acknowledged. Therefore, I sent out the thought that I must be thorough in exterminating the evil. Shortly, the scene in my Celestial eye disappeared. I kept sending righteous thoughts for a little longer until the music "Jishi" ended. When I began to play "Pudu," the music made me feel very comfortable, but I did not become complacent about overcoming the evil beings. Instead, I listened quietly to the music "Pudu" and experienced the greatness and the mercy of the Fa.