(Clearwisdom.net) Since Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, police have arrested Ms. Ma Jun and Ms. Ma Yu several times, which placed great pressure on their families. Ma Jun and Ma Yu are sisters. Ma Yu died this August because of the persecution, and her family is in deep sorrow.

Ma Yu was a very open and honest person. She was 34 years old. She used to work at the Medical Auditing Company in An'yang City of Henan Province. She was the youngest daughter in the family. Ma Jun is about 40 years old. She used to work at the Propaganda Division of the Standing Committee of An'yang City. She also assumed the title of the Secretary of the Qugou Area in An'yang County. She was the volunteer assistant at the An'yang City Dafa practice site in 1998. Their father was a technician at a bike factory. Their mother was a principal at an elementary school. They are all Falun Dafa practitioners.

Ma Jun was illegally arrested on July 20, 1999 and illegally detained for about two months. Under a lot of pressure, she was forced to publicly denounce her belief in Dafa in a TV program. Her employer didn't fire her. However, they arranged for her to work at a museum, then a temple, then the Culture Bureau. They claimed she still kept her job and was still working. In fact, she was being closely monitored. Later, Ma Jun wrote a Solemn Statement renouncing her statement against Dafa and submitted it to her boss. She was then taken to a brainwashing session held at the An'yang Vegetable Company. During the past few years, Ma Jun has been sent to brainwashing sessions many times. Sometimes, they would take her right off the street. They kept her at those brainwashing sessions for over six months and didn't allow her to go to work.

Ma Jun's family lived in the Wenfeng District of An'yang City. Her home was about 0.3 mile away from the Wenfeng District Government. The Wenfeng District Government was very actively involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners. The number of practitioners that they illegally sent to forced labor camps or imprisonment was the largest in An'yang City. They sent four to eight people to closely monitor Ma Jun. Some of them said to Ma Jun, "Please follow their orders. Otherwise, we would be fired." They illegally searched her home many times, and her family has been put through a great deal of turmoil.

Ma Yu went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Dafa in 2000 and returned safely. She was taken to a brainwashing center in March 2001. She was very determined and managed to get away. After that, she was put on the blacklist of the city 610 Office and the Wenfeng District. Wang Yuansheng, the head of the city 610 Office, and Huang Ze, the head of the Wenfeng District 610 Office, ordered the police at the National Security Branch at the Wenfeng District Public Security Bureau to illegally search her home and arrest her. Ma Yu overcame this tribulation with strong righteous thoughts and returned home. However, her employer refused to allow her to go back to work. He stopped her salary, and they continued to persecute her both physically and mentally. Ma Yu died in the beginning of August 2005.

October 6, 2005