In "Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago," Master said,

"I told you a long time ago that a Dafa disciple, or a cultivator, has no enemies. The only thing you have a role in is saving people, and you have nothing to do with using human means and human principles to punish or pronounce judgment on people."

Understanding the grave responsibilities a Dafa disciple shoulders, I have also believe that promoting the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and urging people to quit communist organizations is very important to saving the people of China. The following are a few examples of what I did in the past months. I hope fellow practitioners point out anything improper.

1. Distributing the Nine Commentaries in Beijing

Initially I felt nervous upon arriving in Beijing, and felt quite unnatural when I first told people about quitting communist organizations. I could only give them the Nine Commentaries indirectly and then chat with them about quitting those organizations, always feeling an ineffable uneasiness after I returned to where I lived, since I understood that the fellow practitioners had produced these nice copies of Nine Commentaries in the hope of saving sentient beings.

One day, after studying one of Teacher's poems in Hong Yin, I asked myself if I still had the attachment to fear. I had previously experienced so many crucial tests, but didn't see that there was still the heart of fear hidden so deeply inside myself.

Then I eliminated the fear and brought the Nine Commentaries out to tell people face to face about quitting communist organizations. Near the front gate of China Central Television (CCTV), I gave a Nine Commentaries to a passerby, but he said: "Do you want to talk politics? I am not interested." I told him: "This is a good book that you cannot get even by spending a lot of money, and I'm giving it to you because of our predestined relationship." As I talked with him I sent forth a righteous thought to save him and kept only this one thought in mind.

The man opened the parcel and saw the Nine Commentaries. He immediately wrapped it up and put it in his bag and left with his family members. Seeing them walking away, I could not help but shed tears. Sentient beings have not totally gotten lost in the lies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and they are waiting to be saved by us.

2.  Sending the Nine Commentaries to a TV station

A TV station is usually where the evil has tight control, but they too are sentient beings to whom we need to offer salvation. When I took the Nine Commentaries to a friend there, he said: "I heard of it, and will read it thoroughly at home." The more severely the CCP tries to keep it away from people, the more desirable it becomes.

Another friend at CCTV was not there because he was out on business. I awaited his return. It delayed my journey back home, but I thought it was worthwhile because he would not throw it away. Though they are key persons of a TV station, they should understand the CCP's evilness more clearly, and their hearts for justice should not be changed by the CCP.

3. Persuading my family to quit the CCP

In the beginning, whenever I urged them to quit the CCP and introduced the Nine Commentaries to them, the results were not good. The thought in my mind was that you are my family members so why shouldn't you understand my heart.

As a matter of fact, I treated them as my private treasure and believed that they must listen to me. After I studied the Fa, I found my thinking was wrong. They are my family members only because of our predestined relationship and they are also sentient beings to be saved. By putting my mind on the right basis, the situation changed; they all quit the CCP and became more supportive of my cultivation.

4. Clarifying the truth to my former husband

I have been divorced for over 8 years. Every time when I met my former husband, I told him how Dafa changed me. Although I said this conscientiously, he just ridiculed me. But I didn't lose heart and told him: "I don't need money and neither am I afraid of death, but I will continue the cultivation of Dafa forever."

He asked me: "Why should you be like this though you were arrested and could not return home?" I replied: "I have waited for the Fa, which does not come by in thousands of years."

After my sincere efforts for 7-8 years, he understood the truth at last. He quit the CCP after reading the Nine Commentaries. He also read Zhuan Falun. Seeing the change in him, I thought: As long as we do everything with a sincere heart, the hearts of sentient beings around us will finally be opened.