(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Manye from the Putuo District, Shanghai City, experienced four years and nine months of persecution in the Shanghai Women's Prison (also called the Songjiang Women's Prison). In August 2005, she was released and went home. While in prison, she was subjected to electric shocks and confined in a 2 square meter cage for two months.

Ms. Yang Manye, 39 years old, lived on Xincun Street in the Putuo District. In February 2000, when she was distributing truth-clarification materials. The police from the Putuo District illegally arrested her. Later, she was imprisoned in the Putuo District Jail. At that time, there were many Dafa practitioners imprisoned there. They included Dafa practitioner Xiong Wenqi, who was on a hunger strike for a long time, and Qiu Shen. There were Dafa practitioners in almost every room of the jail. In order to safeguard Dafa, practitioners often recited Teacher's articles together out loud. Their voices were loud and clear. That kind of dauntless spirit was truly inspiring. The guards hung the Dafa practitioners up, but even this did not frighten them. The people in the jail looked at Dafa practitioners with admiration.

Ms. Yang Manye was imprisoned in the Putuo District Jail for more than 8 months. In 2001, she was sent to the third brigade of the Shanghai Women's Prison. The harsh form of enslavement there caused her to be in a daze all the time. Because she did not admit that she "made mistakes" and because she wrote or recited Teacher's articles, she was often physically punished, handcuffed with leather belts and confined in a solitary compartment. Ms. Yang took every opportunity she could find to tell people about the beauty of Falun Dafa or to teach them Teacher's articles. Because of her influence, some inmates can recite "On Buddha Law" and some simple articles that Teacher has written. She was transferred to the fourth brigade when the guards in the third brigade realized how steadfast she was in her practice of Dafa.

In the fourth brigade, Ms. Yang firmly practiced Falun Dafa. She was often placed in solitary confinement. The solitary compartment in the women's prison is a 3 square meter cage. All of her daily activities were carried out in the cage. No matter how hot it became, she was not allowed to take a bath. The poor condition of the solitary compartment, the kicks and beatings from the inmates, and the bad food made it a miserable existence.

One day in 2003, the squadron commander called her outside and asked her to take off her clothes. She was not willing to cooperate and said that this violated her human rights. Three team captains threw her to the ground and rummaged through her clothes. Then she loudly and continuously recited Teacher's articles. After doing a complete body search on her and not finding anything that was a violation of prison rules, the three captains appeared unusually angered. They each took an electrical baton and shouted very angrily at her, "Just try and recite them again!" Ms. Yang was not frightened and continued reciting. In order not to let her recite the articles, they used three electrical batons simultaneously to shock her face and mouth. They shocked her continuously until her face was burnt. On the same day, Ms. Yang was confined in a solitary compartment again and both of her hands were handcuffed to the iron-window. Because she unceasingly recited Teacher's articles, they used tape to seal her mouth. However, she still forced her voice through the tape. Later on, when she became silent, they removed the tape. When the chief came to work the next day and conversed with Ms. Yang, she found her entire face distorted. Moreover, there were very obvious burn scars from the electric shocking. They continued to persecute her and confined her in the cage for two months.

The daily heavy labor and brainwashing made Ms. Yang very weak and exhausted. In 2003, she often fell down as she walked. After several days, she could no longer move, so they had to send her to the prison hospital. The diagnosis was bone fracture and she needed to have surgery. The prison personnel worried about their crime being exposed. The Songjiang Women's Prison lied to Ms. Yang's family members so that they thought the prison cared about Ms. Yang very much. Even though Ms. Yang was persecuted like this, she was not released on bail for medical treatment. She underwent two surgeries in the Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital. The operations left a scar about 30 centimeters long. In the first surgery, a steel pin was put in her leg, and in the second surgery, the pin was removed. In order to protest her persecution, Ms. Yang went on a hunger strike several times.

In the first half of 2004, Ms. Yang was transferred to the "special management group" in the fifth brigade, where her persecution continued. In order to carry out their policy of "killing one as a warning to a hundred," the Shanghai Women's Prison personnel charged Ms. Yang with promoting Falun Gong during her prison term, and they used this to add another 9 months to her term.

In August 2005, after experiencing the persecution for four years and nine months, Ms. Yang finally went home.

September 18, 2005