(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Sun Lianying is from Jingxian County, Hebei Province. During the several past years, because his family members are all unwavering Falun Dafa practitioners, officials have fined his family over 80,000 yuan, which is about 10 years' salary for an average Chinese worker. Mr. Sun was detained three times and sent to a forced labor camp for a three-year term. His sister, Ms. Sun Lianping, was sent to a forced labor camp for a two-year term. His third brother, Lianjun, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. His second brother, Lianfeng, was forced to become homeless to avoid the persecution, leaving behind two teenaged children to fend for themselves. Under pressure from Jiang Zemin's regime and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), Mr. Sun's father, Sun Shutian, and mother, Tang Shufen, also suffered from the persecution. Among other insults, their home was ransacked, they were fined illegally, they were verbally abused, and they were forced to lie on TV.

The following is but a fraction of the persecution the Sun family has endured.

A Family Suffering Misfortune Attained Falun Dafa and Started Their Lives Anew

Mr. Sun Lianying was born in 1958, the eldest son of Mr. Sun Shutian and Ms. Tang Shufen. He has three brothers, Lianfeng, Lianjun, and Liancai, and a sister, Lianping. Sun Lianying's mother used to be afflicted with tracheitis (a bacterial infection of the trachea) and lung problems. She was too weak to do her household chores, so her eldest did the cooking from the time he was eight. At eleven, he developed acute gastritis, which lingered on and required a daily dose of medication. After stomach surgery, his father suffered from intestinal adhesion problems. Sick for over eight years, his father vomited and suffered from a blocked intestinal system as a result of the surgery.

Sun Lianying's second brother, Sun Lianfeng, suffered heart problems, tracheitis, rhinitis and stomach pains. When Lianfeng reached middle school age, he no longer could attend school because of his illnesses. At the age of 32, Lianying suffered high blood pressure, which could not be cured with medical treatments. He had to take medicine to stay alive. Sun Lianying's wife suffered a high childbed fever after delivering a child. Though she survived, her hands were cold, be it summer or winter. Illnesses and misery plagued the family.

In 1998, Lianying's wife also began to suffer from high blood pressure, which affected her health even more. Then a friend sent his wife the book Zhuan Falun. Sun's wife did not read the book, but Lianying happened to pick up Zhuan Falun and read through the entire book in one sitting. He told his wife that this book was different from other qigong books and that she should read it. Both thought to give it a try and started to practice Falun Dafa. Within just a few days Lainying's wife's high blood pressure began to decrease. Within a short period of time both became healthy and finally understood what "being healthy" really meant.

Lianying and his wife then taught the entire family to practice Falun Dafa. Through the practice, his mother's tracheitis and lung problems, his father's intestinal adhesion, and his second brothers' high blood pressure disappeared. The entire family benefited from the power of Falun Dafa.

Sun Lianying Was Sent to Forced Labor Camps for Three Years Just Because He Said, "Yes, I'll Practice"

On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started to persecute Falun Dafa. Lianying and fellow practitioners went to Beijing to appeal. But the building where the appeal office was located was heavily guarded and they were prevented from entering. After Sun was back home a few days, police officer Zhao Mingguang from the Jingxian Police Department detained him for seven days and fined him 1,000 yuan. Under pressure, Sun wrote a guarantee statement.

On October 27, 1999, Lianying went to Beijing again. His 14-year-old son called and said he also wanted to go to Beijing to tell the truth about Falun Dafa, so Sun Lianying returned home. Several days later, Zhao Mingguang detained Lianying for a month and extorted 5,000 yuan from him. Police officers tried to force him to write another guarantee statement, but Lianying refused, so the officers forced his relative to write one for him.

On December 28, 2000, Sun Lianying went to Beijing for a third time. He was stopped by police officers far away from Tiananmen Square. The officers ordered him to curse the founder of Falun Dafa. He refused, so the police officers beat him, pushed him into a police car. and took him to the railway police station. Later officer Liu Xuewu at Jingxian's liaison office in Beijing sent him back to the Beiliuzhi Township government in Jingxian County.

Zhou Ruixin, the Beiliuzhi Township CCP secretary, head Wang Wanhong, Liu Mingchun, the township police chief, and over ten drunken and abusive individuals decided to torture Sun Lainying. The minute Lianying got off the train, they rushed at him as a group and began to beat him with wooden clubs, fists or leather shoes. The beating injured his head and left many injuries all over his body. One of them hit his eyes with his fists, bruising his eyes. Lainying also got a nosebleed. It was very cold and they found frozen mops to rub on his face, laughing loudly. The officers also forced him to remain in a semi-squat position, with his extended arms pointing forward. Three bricks were laid on his arms. If the bricks fell down, he would be beaten. After several hours of torture, Lainying could no longer see clearly and he became dizzy. At dawn, they bound him with ropes to a radiator, after binding him into a standing position. The water from the radiator soaked into his cotton-padded trousers. When his could no longer stand, they loosened the ropes a little and let him sit on the edge of a bed.

The second afternoon, when CCP secretary Zhou Ruixin asked Lianying if he would continue practicing Falun Gong, Lianying said "Yes!" They sentenced Lianying to three years in a forced labor camp, where he suffered greatly.

Sun Lianfeng Was Forced to Become Homeless

In October 1999, Sun Lianfeng went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He was arrested late at night in a hotel and detained in a suburban Beijing jail. Although it was snowing, criminal detainees striped Lianfeng and poured cold water over him for half an hour. Several days later, Lianfeng was sent to the Jingxian County Detention Center.

During that time, police officer Zhao Mingguang from the county police department searched Lianfeng's home. CCP secretary Ye, and local officers Wang Yongling, Zuo Guiling, Su Fengqi, Wang Hongliang, and Duan Yongfu frequently harassed Lianfeng at home, including shouting in front of his door or close to the wall at night, which scared his parents-in-law greatly. Zhou Ruixin and Wang Wanhong extorted 3,000 yuan from Lianfeng's family. CCP secretary Ye forced Lianfeng's wife to hand in her identification card and pay 200 yuan. After one month of detention, police officers informed Lianfeng's family to pay 3,000 yuan before picking him up. Under pressure, family members had to borrow 3,000 yuan. They gave the money to the political and security section of the county police department. Officers just gave an informal receipt for the money and released Lianfeng.

In the Spring of 2000, Lianfeng wrote a letter to his local congressional representatives to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. Learning about the letter, police officers forced village secretary Lin Zhiyuan and township officers Zhao Yangming and Su Fengqi to arrest Lianfeng and bring him to the township office, where they bound him to a chair. At 8 p.m., two township officers began to beat Lianfeng, complaining that he had disturbed their trysts with girls at a hotel. They told him that they would teach him what "pain" was like. At 9 p.m., Lianfeng was taken to another room where over ten young men, under the leadership of the deputy township head Zhao Yangming, were waiting for him. As soon as Lianfeng entered the room, they started cursing and beating him. Then they took him outside and bound him to a big tree. Zhao Yangming said, "I'll beat you to death today." At that moment, someone came in and asked them what they were doing. They told the person who had interrupted them, "How dare you support Falun Gong? Do you want to lose your job?" The person left. The second day, Lianfeng was taken to and detained in the jail. He was released seven days later after his family was forced to pay 1,000 yuan.

From then on, officers frequently harassed Sun Lianfeng at his home and forced him to write a guarantee statement, threatening to arrest him. One day in late November 2000, township officers Su Fengqi and Feng Yulian came to Lianfeng's home and extorted 100 yuan, threatening to arrest him if he would not pay. Lianfeng gave them 100 yuan without receiving a receipt. Village head Zhao Denghai witnessed the scene. The next morning at around 4 a.m., village CCP secretary Lin Zhiyuan, police officer Zhao Zhengping, township head Ma and Su Fengqi broke into Lianfeng and Liancai's homes to arrest them. Because of tooth problems, Sun Liancai had not eaten for several days already and was on fluid injections. Officers detained Liancai for four days without providing sustenance. They released him when he was close to death.

Local officers frequently raided Liangfeng's home or broke in by climbing over the yard wall. Once police officers lifted quilts off Lianfeng's daughter when she was sleeping and searched the home thoroughly. Under such brutal persecution, Lianfeng had to leave home and wander from place to place to escape the persecution.

Sun Lianfeng's Second Younger Brother Sun Lianjun Was Sent to Forced Labor Camp For Three and a Half a Years for Clarifying the Truth

After July 1999, Lianjun rented a car to go to Beijing, but police officers stopped him, so he walked to Beijing on country roads.

On December 1999, Lianjun appealed to government officers but was arrested and detained locally. Police officers coerced criminal detainees to beat him. Yu Xueguang, the head of the Jingxian County Detention Center, shackled Lianjun for about 40 days. At the same time, the Beiliuzhi township CCP secretary Zhou Ruixin and head Wang Wanhong extorted 3,000 yuan from Lianjun's parents.

At the detention center, Zhang Haiyan, head of the Jingxian County Court, threatened Lianjun, "Give up Falun Gong and you will be released. If you insist on practicing Falun Gong you will be imprisoned." Lianjun replied, "I just wanted to tell the government what's in my heart." Therefore, Zhang Haiyan illegally sentenced Lianjun to three and a half years in prison. Lianjun was detained at the Hengshui City Prison for a month and then transferred to the Fourth Branch of Fengnan Prison. Police officers coerced four criminals to monitor him around the clock, tried to force him to write "guarantees to give-up Falun Gong," assigned him to the hardest jobs, abused him mentally, and forced him to watch videos slandering Falun Gong.

Sister Sun Lianping Was Beaten Until She Fainted

In December 2000, sister Sun Lianping went to Beijing to appeal, but she was arrested and beaten. She was detained at the Liyuan Police Station at Chaoyang District in Beijing, where she was interrogated by police officer Zhao Zhengjiang. She was then sent back to the Beiliuzhi Township. Zhou Ruixin asked her if she would continue to practice. She responded, "Yes, it is such a great practice, how could I give it up? This is my personal freedom of belief. I have a right to tell the truth. As law enforcement officers, you are the ones who are breaking the law!"

Lianping was consequently taken to the Jingxina County police department 610 Office and detained for 45 days. The county police department head Yang Wenzhuang, police officers Zhang Huasheng, Li Guisheng, Fang Chunsheng, Zhao Mingguang, Liu Zhiijun and others were involved in the persecution. After over 40 days, without any legal procedures, Lianping was sent to the Fifth Brigade of Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. Yang Wenzhuang and Zhao Minguang are responsible for this persecution.

In the Fifth Brigade of Shijiangzhuang Forced Labor Camp, Lianping suffered inhuman treatment for refusing to renounce Falun Gong. The guards kicked her and beat her with rubber clubs. Lianping's head and hands became swollen. Her flesh and clothes stuck together with dried blood, and she fainted twice. She suffered from a rapid heartbeat and could not walk, but police officer Li Ping forced Lianping to walk from the third floor to the first floor. One criminal detainee said, "She cannot walk. I'll send her down." But Li Ping did not agree. This torture resulted in Lianping becoming an invalid for half a month.

On April 24, 2001, Lianping was sent to the First Brigade for brainwashing. Practitioners were forced to do military exercises and watch videos slandering Falun Dafa. If they did not participate, they would be hung up by their handcuffed hands. In June, she was sent to the Fifth Brigade. She was not allowed to sleep for over ten days, which caused her heart beat to increase to a dangerous rate. Police officers forced her to take medication. Over ten people bound Lianping to a bench, then police officer Li Ping pried her mouth open, injuring her mouth. Guard Lu Hongguo pinched and bruised Lianping's thighs. After the force-feeding, Lianping was handcuffed to two beds and not allowed to sleep. They wanted to force her to write a guarantee statement. If she fell asleep, officers poured water on her or beat her with a club. She was monitored around the clock. Guard Li Ping said, "We'll shock you with electric batons if you do not write the guarantee statement." Guards Ma, Li Ping, Qi Honghong, Lu Hongguo and criminal detainees held her hand to make her write the guarantee, but she refused. After many days of torture, she fainted. The guards then force-fed her drugs. Lu Hongguo also kept the items sent to Lianping by her family, valued at about 300 yuan.

On December 25, 2001, Lianping was detained at the Third Brigade and was not allowed to sleep for five days. It stopped only when Lianping had problems breathing. Persecutors included Gao Qingwen, Wang Yan, Liu Zhifen, Wang Yuliang, Yang and others. In 2002, she was moved back to the Fifth Brigade, where Lu Hongguo and Gao Qingwen coerced collaborators to brainwash her for over ten days.

Third Younger Brother Sun Liancai Was Beaten Until He Fainted and Mother Tang Was Forced to Lie

During October 1999, village officers arrested their mother, Tang Shufen, Liancai, and Lianping and took them to the township government, where they were handcuffed and not provided any food. Unable to endure the hardship, mother Tang Shufen fell to the ground, became cold and curled up. Only then was she released.

Liancai and Lianping suffered greatly. Officers handcuffed them and hung them up, forced them to stand for long hours, did not allow them to sleep and rationed their food. The township head ordered officers Gao Peng, Feng Yongsheng, Zhao Yunhai and others to beat Liancai, while Wang watched. Gao Peng used a cup to hit Liancai's feet so hard that the cup broke. The pain almost killed Liancai. Then they asked Liancai whether or not he would continue to practice Falun Gong. Liancai answered, "Yes!" So officers kept on beating him and forced him to kneel down. Feng Yongsheng kicked Liancai's lower jaw with his shoes and beat Liancai, not caring where he hit. They also handcuffed Lianping and hung him up close enough for him to watch the beating. Seeing that he did not give up, three officers moved Liancai to the courtyard to continue the beating until Liancai fainted. Liancai did not regain consciousness until the next morning.

At night, Zhou Ruixin ordered over ten men, including Su Fengqi and Wang Yong, to beat Liancai. They broke Liancai's nose, which bled profusely. The second day, they hung Liancai on an electric pole for an entire day. In the evening, they beat him again and again. Su Fengqi forced Lianping to kneel down to Zhou Ruixin. Lianping said, "I did not break any laws, I am following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a good person. I did nothing wrong!" They beat Liancai for several hours.

After a few days, Zhou Ruixin called the Jingxian County Broadcasting and TV department to send two reporters to take videos of Sun's family. They coerced mother Tang Shufen to defame Falun Dafa and lie on TV as a condition for the release of her sons and daughter. Under pressure, Sun Shujiang also said negative words about Falun Dafa. They also forced Sun's family to treat Zhou Ruixin, Lin Zhiyuan, Sun Shujiang and others to a dinner. It cost Sun's family over 300 yuan, about one month's income for an average Chinese farmer. Officers searched Sun's home again without any legal documents and confiscated some Falun Dafa books and a set of audiotapes of Teacher's lectures. Later, Zuo Guiling and four to five officers broke into Sun's family home in the middle of the night and extorted 500 yuan from Sun's family. Zuo Guiling left a written receipt with his signature.

In all, 80,000 yuan was extorted from Sun Lianying's family since 1999. Lianying was detained three times and sent to a forced labor camp for a three-year term. Sister Lianping was detained at a forced labor camp for a two-year term. Third younger brother Lianjun was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison, and the second younger brother Lianfeng became homeless, leaving two children unattended. Father Sun Shutian and mother Tang Shufen were insulted, threatened, fined, and forced to lie on TV.

The following are responsible for the family's persecution:

Zhou Ruixin (since transferred to the Gucheng County Propaganda Department), Wang Wanhong (now at Jingxian County Audition Department),

CCP Secretary Ye, Zhang, Su Fengqi, Deputy township head Wang Yong, Feng Yongsheng (from Silitun Village, Miao Township, Jingxian County), Wang Rongling (female), police head Liu Mingchun(now at the south tollgate of Miao Township), Director Zhao Zhengping (now head of Anlin Township police station), Liu Ming, Gao Peng (in his 20s, currently works at the Beiliuzhi Township), and Xu Zhanling.

October 3, 2005