1. Ludao Prison Holds the Second Nine-Day Falun Gong Lecture Study Camp

From July 29 to August 5, 2005, Ludao Prison held a Nine-Day Falun Gong Lecture Study Camp for the detainees. This was the second time Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners came to Ludao Prison. Nineteen prisoners voluntarily participated in the study camp. Several of them had been practicing Falun Gong since last year. Every morning, they spent two hours watching Teacher's lectures, and two hours in the afternoon listening to practitioners' experiences in cultivation and learning the five sets of exercises. By the time the camp was over, everyone had gained in different ways.

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Learning the second set of exercises
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Learning the fifth set of exercises

At the beginning of the study camp, Falun Gong practitioners briefly introduced themselves. Then they showed the prisoners a VCD of Teacher's lecture. Those who had already been practicing sat up and earnestly listened with respect during the entire lecture. Their dedicated look showed they understood the preciousness of their chance to cultivate!

2. Sharing Ones Own Experience; Encouraging the Prisoners

On the second day, a Falun Gong practitioner from Sanxia came by plane to help in Ludao. He shared his experience that he had actually learned Falun Gong from a practitioner who was a doctor who introduced Falun Gong in a prison where he had been serving time. He had been sentenced to life imprisonment. Although he had the opportunity to be released on probation, he missed out because of his irritable temperament, and because he often violated the rules. When he learned Falun Dafa, he realized the value and meaning of life. After that, his entire personality changed.

During his cultivation process, he also encountered defiance from others. When somebody slapped him in the face, he was able to hold himself to the standard of a practitioner. In any situation, he strives to achieve "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." When he was not thinking about parole, he actually was let out on parole.

3. Person in Charge at the Prison Praises Prisoners' Rapid Xinxing Improvement

The prisoners here do not have a steady environment in which they can exchange views like normal Falun Gong practitioners have. It is not difficult to see from their expressions that they cherish Dafa. On the last day, everybody felt reluctant to leave. During the sharing, a practitioner said he had many bad habits before, but from now on, he would use the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" to speak and act cautiously every day, and to get rid of all of the bad thoughts in his mind. Another talked about a stomach illness that he suffered from for many years. He recovered after practicing Falun Gong. Yet another practitioner said he would really cherish this god-given chance.

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Secretary Xin Mengna of Ludao Prison Awarded an Acknowledgement Certificate to the Falun Gong Practitioners
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The Acknowledgement Certificate

4. Pay Attention to the Persecution Happening Across the Strait

In Taiwan, Falun Dafa changed prisoners' hearts, letting them retrieve their lives from the wrong path they had followed and to hold themselves to the standard of a practitioner all the time. In Mainland China, practitioners are imprisoned, even tortured to death, because they are not willing to give up their belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." The Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners sincerely hope the Mainlanders soon will have a peaceful environment so they can practice freely.