(Clearwisdom.net) On March 17, 2005, the Changji Forced Labor Camp in Xinjiang once again intensified the persecution of imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners who refuse to give up their belief.

The prison guards put firm practitioners into confinement and handcuff them behind their backs in a position where they can't stand or sit. Each time the confinement lasts at least seven days. During the confinement period, the practitioner is only allowed to eat one steamed bun each day, drink one cup of water, and go to the restroom once. He/she is not permitted to sleep. Because the practitioner must stand for long periods of time, the legs develop edema. Some have been kept handcuffed in this position for over 15, or even 20 days.

Because their superiors come to inspect the labor camp, the prison guards do not allow steadfast practitioners to stay in the prison cells. Prison guard Wang Lan disregarded the fact that Dafa disciple Mr. Cao Hongqi is nearly 70 year-old and had become so weak that he could only lie in bed. Wang Lan insisted on pulling him off the bed and getting him away. During the process, Wang Lan spread rumors everywhere in the building that practitioners had attacked him. Then he found some accomplices to carry Mr. Cao out of the building and they put him down at a place quite far away.

On the evening of March 22, prison guard chief Xu Defeng and deputy chief Chen Jiang of the fifth brigade at Changji Labor Camp incited the inmates in the labor camp to interrogate practitioners in public. It included those who had resisted the slave labor and the ceremony of raising the CCP flags, and those who did not succumb to the brainwashing. These Dafa disciples were Jin Chenfeng, Cui Guilin, Han Jinzhong, Fu Yun, Chen Xinxiao, Liu Anhong, Wang Chaodong, Li Xinren, and Zhu Huaqiang.

On March 29, 2005, practitioner Li Xinren was sent to the Changji Forced Labor Camp. Because he did not respond to the guard's demands, they attacked him with electric batons. On May 1, 2005, they had him suffer 23 days of being handcuffed, confined and maltreated. On May 27, the head of education division Zhang Yan, along with Wang Lan, deceived Li Xinren, saying they wanted to talk. In conspiracy with prison guards Li Gefei and Ma Longyue, they then beat him with electric batons.

In May, practitioner Zhu Huaqiang from Korla made a statement for justice in the cafeteria in an attempt to stop the persecution of practitioner Han Jinzhong. They then mercilessly beat Mr. Zhu. He bled profusely, but division head Zhang Yan simply told the accomplices to change Mr. Zhu's clothes by force so that people wouldn't see the evidence of the beating. After that, Mr. Zhu could not walk at all for several days.

Practitioner Wang Chaodong from Korla was sent to the forced labor camp twice. Because he did not cooperate with all the activities of the camp, from July 31 to August 7, he was continuously handcuffed and kept in confinement. Because he still did not submit, on August 19, the prison guards handcuffed him in confinement again. This time it lasted 21 days.

On August 5, practitioner Han Jinzhong said loudly that Falun Dafa is good, so they handcuffed him and kept him in confinement for 15 days. Because he did not cooperate with the persecution, the guards frequently handcuffed him in confinement and brutally tortured him.

Prison guards who participate the persecution to Dafa disciples:

Commissar Zhao Xinhua
Commissar Wang Feng
Education division head Zhang Yan
Staff Wang Lan
Li Gefei, Chief of 1st Brigade
Ma Longyue, deputy-head
Xu Defeng, Chief of the 5th Brigade
Chen Jiang, deputy-head
Du Xiaoping, 1st Brigade, Chief of the education division, also chief of the brigade
Accomplice Wen Shimin
Duan Wei
Tong Ning
Xu Wei

September 27, 2005