(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Kaiping, a Dafa practitioner from the Jiangbei District of Chongqing City, was taken from her home by the Jiangbei District Police Station in August 2004. She was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp. Around June 2005 she began vomiting blood and was released on medical grounds. She was also emaciated at that time. After returning home she could not stop vomiting, and she passed away on the morning of August 21, 2005. Details are being investigated.

Ms. Wang Kaiping, 58, was a retiree from the Chemical Industry Research Institute of Jiangbei District in Chongqing City. In October 1999, she went to Beijing to peacefully appeal for Dafa and clarify the truth of Dafa. She was arrested and taken to the Jiangbei detention center, where she was held for over a month. In the winter of 2001, she was again arrested and taken to a brainwashing class at the guest house of the Chongqing City plant preservation station that was administered by the District Government of Jiangbei. She was detained and persecuted there.

For several years Wang Kaiping was repeatedly harassed by the Jiangbei Shimen Police Substation and by the security department of the Chemical Research Institute. At around 3:00 p.m. on September 8, 2004, officials from Jiangbei Police Station, National Security Team (Liu Ling and Liang Shibin), and security department members of the institute broke into her home and illegally ransacked it, taking away Dafa books and materials. In the process of their search, the officials turned the house upside down. When Wang Kaiping's husband returned from work he found that his wife had been arrested or was missing, that his house was in shambles, and all that was left was a list about the search. He closely questioned security department members at the factory, but nobody gave him a straight answer.

Wang Kaiping was taken to the Li Ziba Detention Center of Yuzhong District by local officials. She was sentenced to a forced labor camp because she had hung scrolls and distributed truth-clarifying flyers. Wang Kaiping was tortured so severely that she became emaciated and vomited blood. In June 2005 she was released on medical grounds through her family. After she returned home she could not stop vomiting blood. After examination at hospital she was diagnosed with leukemia. She passed away in the hospital during the night of August 21, 2005.

Zip code of Jiangbei District Chemical Industry Research Institute: 400021
Office of the institute: 86-23-67653506 (Dean: Wu Yu)
Director of security department, Guo Lijun: 86-23-67653594

October 5, 2005