(Clearwisdom.net) On August 25, 2005, Ms. Shi Shengying was tortured to death in the Shenyang Women's Prison in Liaoning Province. On September 4, 2005, I again heard the news of Ms. Ren Shujie's death as a result of torture. I recalled my short acquaintance with them. I now dedicate this article to these two practitioners, Shi Shengying and Ren Shujie.

A T-shirt

One afternoon in 2003 at the slave-like wax factory of Longshan Forced Labor Camp, the family of Lu Changliang, Ms. Shi Shengying's daughter, sent some clothes for her. She had not seen her family for a long time but she was still not allowed to see them. Among the clothes, there was a t-shirt for Ms. Ren Shujie in the Second Division. The instructor gave it to her. Determined practitioners like Ms. Ren at Longshan Forced Labor Camp are not allowed to see their families. Although we really wanted to get to know Ren Shujie, we did not have a chance due to the restricted environment.

Later, the two divisions were working at the same forced labor site. One day an instructor assigned to the Second Division told me that the director had assigned her to monitor Ms. Ren Shujie. I said that I really wanted to know her and hoped that she could wear the t-shirt the following morning so that I would recognize her.

The next morning on the exercise yard, I saw Ren Shujie when the Second Division came back from the dining hall. It was a very hot day. Many practitioners wore yellow t-shirts. Ms. Ren Shujie was wearing the t-shirt that Lu Changjing's family had sent. She was tall, fair, and had rosy skin. She radiated a righteous field around her. Our eyes met and conveyed more than what many words could.

On the day I was transferred from Longshan Forced Labor Camp, when I was waiting for the 610 Office personnel dealing with the process at the central station, Ren Shujie and her "instructor" stood in front of the window to see me off. With tears in her eyes, the "instructor" shouted my name and waved goodbye to me. Over the more than two years in Longshan, it had been always me who saw others off. This time it was I who was leaving, and I truly had mixed feelings.

At the Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp

After I was transferred from the Longshan Forced Labor Camp to the Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp, I met two older practitioners, Ms. Shi Shengying and her daughter Lu Qingzhai. Ms. Shi Shengying was frequently tortured until she fainted. Former practitioners who turned against Dafa under torture often told me stories about Ms. Shi, saying that she respected Teacher and validated Dafa with righteous thoughts and deeds.

After Lu Changjing came back, I wanted to visit her and her mother, Ms. Shi, but due to various reasons, I could not make it. It is my regret that I can no longer see Shi Shengying.