(Clearwisdom.net) Listed below are 13 types of torture used on Falun Gong practitioners at the Gaoyang Labor Camp in Hebei Province.

  1. Shocking with electric batons: Involves the simultaneous use of up to eight electric batons to shock the bottoms of the feet and the center of the palms. Practitioners suffering this torture are pulled outdoors, placed in a forested area (in order to conceal the crimes), and forced to sit on the icy cold ground with both hand outstretched. The practitioners are then shocked all night long. In addition, their faces may be hit with shoe soles until very swollen. Their entire faces may be tortured so much that they are completely distorted. The police also scream insults at the practitioners.
  2. Nailed to poles: An iron pole is secured at both sides of the body and the hands are handcuffed to the poles.
  3. Hanging legs: A deep hole is dug into the ground. The practitioner is then made to sit on the edge of the hole with both legs hanging down. Next, a big stone is tied to a rope, and the other end is tied to the practitioner's legs. The big stone is then thrown into the pit. The pain of this torture can hardly be imagined.
  4. Sleeping at the flagpole: The hands of the practitioner are handcuffed to a flagpole with feet not touching the ground. The back of the practitioner must rest on the very narrow flagpole, with the head and feet hanging and dangling downward on both sides.
  5. Filled with hot pepper water: The police fill practitioners' noses with hot pepper water. Sometimes they pick up the dirty sanitary napkins from the restroom and stuff them into the practitioners' mouths.
  6. Buried in snow: The practitioner is covered with snow so that only the head is exposed.
  7. Buried in earth: The practitioner is buried with earth so that only the upper part of the body remains free.
  8. Exposed to mosquito bites: Practitioners are forced to stand under big electric bulbs at night so that the mosquitoes will come and bite them for hours on end.
  9. Pulled to run: Two criminals will force practitioners to run. When the criminals become too tired to move any further, another two take over and continue to force the practitioners to keep running.
  10. Denying use of the restroom: The evil people constrain practitioners from going to the restroom. Some are forced to relieve themselves in their pants; yet the police beat and scold them for it.
  11. Shocking with electric wires: The police use electric batons to shock practitioners, yet the electric currents on the batons have sometimes shocked the police instead. The police pass it off by saying that the electricity of the electric batons leaked out. Then they tie the electric wires to the hands of practitioners. With this method, as soon as the electric power is switched on, the practitioners are shocked so much that their bodies literally jump.
  12. Exposed to the baking sun: Dafa disciples are exposed to the baking sun until their skin is burned and badly blistered.
  13. Scalding: The police open the collar of a practitioner, and then pour a bowl of boiling hot flour soup onto the body of the practitioner.

September 23, 2005