(Clearwisdom.net) At noon on September 28, Toronto practitioners gathered in front of the district office of the Canadian Federal Immigration Minister to call on the government to bar Xia Deren from entering Canada. The deputy governor of Liaoning Province and Mayor of Dalian city is scheduled to visit Canada on September 30.

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Practitioner speaks out at the rally
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Practitioners peacefully demonstrate in front of the Minister's district office

Practitioners' spokesman Joel Chipkar said that Xia is notorious for implementing and overseeing the policy of torture and killing, and was found responsible for torture and genocide by a Northern California Court.

"The death toll of practitioners in China is increasing everyday. If such an official is allowed to enter Canada, it signals that Canada has forgiven the atrocities. The Canadian Government must bar criminals of this kind from entering its borders," Chipkar stressed.

Mr. Yang of the Falun Dafa Association said that as of September 27, it has been verified that 53 practitioners have been persecuted to death in Dalian and 10 of these deaths took place in 2005. Dalian is one of the cities in which practitioners have been persecuted most rampantly, and as Mayor of the city, Xia must be held accountable.

According to Chipkar, Xia is in a CAHWACP's watch list of 45 Chinese officials who have committed crimes against humanity. They are subjected to denial of entry or visa and could be deported or sued. Bo Xilai, former Governor of Liaoning Province, was also on the list. Bo was scheduled to visit Canada with Chinese President Hu; however, he disappeared from the delegation list before the trip.

At around 1 p.m., several practitioners entered the district office of the Minister of Immigration to deliver an appeal letter to the staff members.