Persecutor of Falun Gong practitioners dies of sudden heart attack

Chen Minghai, Chief of the No.1 Section of the Tongliang County Police Department of Chongqing City, as well as Chief of the National Security Section and member of the 610 Office, was one of the main perpetrators in the persecution of Tongliang County Falun Gong practitioners.

At about 10 o'clock on November 18 a woman called Tan, looking extremely worried and full of fear, came to the police station to see Chen Minghai. She reported that her husband wanted to kill her and that there were explosives and detonators at her home. She asked Chen to take immediate action. However, Chen completely ignored the information. The lady's husband, Yuan Daizhong, killed Tan after she returned home. He then took the explosives and drove on his motor-bike to Team No. 4 mah-jong club of Ximacun Village in Bachuan Township, Sichuan Province. Yuan detonated the explosives at 3:50 p.m. and committed suicide. Fourteen people were killed, including Yuan. Twenty-nine people were injured. The Tongliang explosion shocked the country and the rest of the world.

After the explosion, county officials and police, security guards and the fire brigade arrived at the scene. Once Chen Minghai saw the site he turned pale and his hands and legs were shaking. He was noticeably frightened and the pride he showed when persecuting Falun Dafa disappeared. On the following day Chen Minghai died of a heart attack at the age of 49. Someone said that Chen committed suicide to escape punishment because of this explosion. Yuan Daizhong was the murderer and Chen Minghai could not escape his responsibility because of dereliction of duty.

Chen Minghai followed Jiang Zemin's group closely in persecuting Falun Gong and had a long criminal record. He was part of a police team that abducted Falun Gong practitioners more than 100 times and sent 18 practitioners to forced labor camps. At least 3 practitioners died as a result of persecution for which he was responsible. They were Mr. Zhang Fanglian, Deputy Head of the Rongchang County, Ms. Long Gang, an employee of the Anju Grain Supply Center in Tongliang County and a family member of a practitioner.

Chen Minghai was in charge of a brainwashing center and forced nearly 100 Falun Gong practitioners to attend. He also forced Falun Gong practitioners to hang big signs around their necks, showing their names and their so-called crimes, and paraded them through the streets to shame them in public.

Chen Minghai ransacked practitioners' homes, confiscated more than 1,000 Falun Dafa books, video and audio-tapes as well as extorted tens of thousands of yuan from practitioners' families. He often followed and kept watch on Falun Gong practitioners with a team of plainclothes police. When the practitioners clarified the truth to him and mentioned "It is the principle of nature that good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil," he not only turned a deaf ear, but also said, "I have already arrested a large number of Falun Gong practitioners, I still enjoy a good health and suffer from no illness."

The metaphor "an overturned cart is a warning to those following" describes it best

If truth were told, Jiang's gang actually forced Chen Minghai to work himself to death. Chen realized this before he died. Actually, the misery suffered by Director Chen Wen of the Tongliang County Police Department should have served as a warning to Chen Minghai. However, he stubbornly clung to his old ways and therefore lost his life.

Director Chen Wen of Tongliang County was one of the main perpetrators of the persecution. Chen Minghai followed his lead closely. Since July 20 of 1999, Chen Wen arranged the persecution of practitioners meticulously. He set up a special taskforce for the "Dealing with and Punishing Falun Gong." He mobilized police and the county's joined-defense army and militia at all levels, even at the village level, to swear at, beat up and arrest Falun Gong practitioners. Because of his efforts, practitioners were sentenced to forced labor or imprisonment. Chen Wen could be described as "Stopping at no evil."

In March 2000, Chen Wen and Chen Minghai swore at and beat practitioners who had traveled to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. The two also used all kinds of torture methods in persecuting practitioners. Chen Wen handcuffed a practitioner from behind, grabbed the handcuffs, lifted-up the practitioner, then threw the practitioner to the ground and stepped on the handcuffs. The handcuffs cut into the flesh of the practitioner. Even now the scars are still visible. Chen Wen instructed five to six thugs to whip the practitioners' legs with a finger-thick bar. The flesh on their legs instantly turned black and swollen. Chen also instructed the thugs to punch the female practitioners' heads, slap their faces and throw them to the ground. This continued until the thugs were exhausted. Then they stepped on the practitioners and verbally abused them. The practitioners who had suffered these tortures were then sent to a detention center. They were illegally detained and money was extorted from them. On March 5, the policeman tricked Ms. Li Zhengmei, a representative of the County People's Congress and a Falun Dafa practitioner to come to the County Police Department. They locked her up for one month. Chen Wen also arrested and detained 15 other practitioners and sent them to forced labor camps.

Because Chen had not stopped from doing evil, retribution quickly followed. On September 16, 2000 Chen Wen ran into a truck when driving a car. His wife and his brother-in-law were with him. All three died instantly. They left behind a young daughter who will suffer a miserable and dreary life without her parents.

Jiang's faction has never given a thought to the welfare of the people, and spent huge sums of money in its persecution of Falun Gong.

After the explosion, Luo Gan and Zhou Yongkang, two of Jiang Zemin's main enforcers in the persecution of Falun Dafa, phoned Tongliang County officials and instructed them to suppress the news and prevent its publication on Internet. They further directed them to prevent local people from appealing to higher-level government authorities. Further instructions included that all activities are to be in line with the Central Government, to designate special reporters to cover the story, reduce relief funds to the victims families and that the funds must come from the civil administrative bureau.

China's authorities are very adept at covering their tracks and singing their own praise. The Chongqing Evening Newspapers published that the explosion occurred in the afternoon of 18th, the verification of the victims was completed by the morning of 19th and all related problems were dealt with by the 20th (in other words within 24 hours). To tell the truth, the report failed to mention that it was Chen Minghai's dereliction of duty that had caused the explosion. The families of the victims were never told the truth and were much aggrieved, especially as they were dissatisfied with the handling of the situation. The authorities adopted antagonistic tactics. The more one complaint the less financial support you received.

Jiang's faction embezzled one quarter of the national revenue (more than enough to feed all the unemployed in China) to persecute Falun Gong. To maintain a strong police presence at Tiananmen Square, around a million yuan is being spent daily. According to simple arithmetic, the Tongliang County's expenditures in its persecution of Falun Gong is exorbitant. The County Police Department National Security Division and the County 610 Office are special units to persecute Falun Gong. There are at least ten staff members per unit. The township police station and the township government also have designated at least fifteen staff members (we believe this number to be actually much higher) each for the persecution of Falun Gong. The Procuratorate, the court, the detention center and the propaganda department would have at least fifteen people involved in the persecution. The numbers of people participating in the persecution are unprecedented high.

Neighborhood committees and the practitioners' workplaces have designated people to persecute Falun Dafa. Let's add another ten people. Now we have an arbitrary number of 50 people involved in the persecution. (The actual figure is much higher.) Chen Minghai and his 20 depraved policemen extorted confessions from practitioners, who returned from their appeal to the government, through cruel torture. Jiang Zemin used taxpayers' money for their salaries. Arithmetically, if we assume 1,000 yuan a month per individual, it would cost for 50 people 50 thousand yuan each month and 600 thousand yuan a year. The salary was not the only cost. Jiang outfitted them with all the modern equipment one needs to perpetrate such a persecution, including cars, computers, air-conditioners and surveillance facilities, at a cost of more than 300 thousand yuan.

They were well equipped to maintain the evil persecution, which included kidnapping, maintaining brainwashing centers, unlawfully detain practitioners, fabricating misleading propaganda, business trips for further instructions and subsidies for pleasure activities. Such expenditures would definitely not be less than the respective salary. Therefore, let's add another 600 thousand yuan. Adding all cost together it is highly likely that Tongliang County spend one and a half million yuan to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. This number is equivalent to the income of 130 acres of rice. How much manpower would one need? It is heart rendering to realize that the Jiang Clique persecuted peace loving and kind people through taxing its people.

The police force has become a public hazard

The Tongliang explosion was due to the dereliction of duty by policeman Chen Minghai's. This cost 14 innocent lives, including that of a baby. Only one month before the explosion, 60 thousand people demonstrated outside the Wanzhou local government building. What did they protest against? The evil deeds of the police. Not surprisingly, the protest was suppressed by force.

On October 18, a Wanzhou porter accidentally dirtied a woman's dress. Her male companion Hu Zongquan, who claimed to be the Deputy Director of the Land and Resources Bureau, beat the porter and broke one of his legs. Hu threatened to beat the porter to death and then pay 200 thousand yuan for his life. The angry crowd called in police. However, as soon as the police arrived, they jumped out of their police car and shook hands with Hu Zongquan. They released the perpetrator right away and detained the porter instead. Several people who spoke fairly for the porter were incriminated as thieves and were pushed into the police car. The people became furious and tempers boiled over. About fifty-to-sixty thousand people encircled the local government building and demanded an explanation. They said, "You said that the Falun Gong practitioners' appeal at Zhongnanhai was organized, but you can see that no one organized this demonstration." Not surprisingly, the local people were not given an explanation. They instead were attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets. More than 200 people were arrested and among them high school students. According to reliable sources, the Wanzhou Police Department had an internal meeting and planned to frame Falun Gong for the incident.

Locals said that the police force is now a public hazard and that in the past bandits holed up in desolate mountains, while today bandits are members of the police force. The most evil among the police force are those who persecute kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners. They unlawfully detain practitioners, persecute them, send them to forced labor camp or imprison them, ransack their house and cause disability or torture them to death. This has thrown China into anarchy, lawlessness and terrorizes common citizens. The program "Focus Interview" on Chinese Central Television (CCTV) fabricated lies to frame Falun Gong, showed bloody scenes and pretended that it cherished lives. And what for? To incite their countrymen's hatred against Falun Gong. It is such a miscarriage of justice! When murder and arson truly occur, as is the case with Yuan Daizhong, CCTV turns a deaf ear and a blind eye. Jiang Zemin used TV and newspaper to fabricate lies to deceive people and incite hatred among its people against Falun Dafa.

The Wanzhou incident and the Tongliang explosion are enough to awaken the fury of the masses. Jiang's faction kept quiet about human rights and existing laws when it persecuted kind-hearted people. It could not care less about the lives of kindhearted people. On the contrary, Jiang and his regime are the real murderers of kindhearted people. What's more, it continues to demonize policemen and hire policemen that hate people, policemen that have no calms about torturing tens of thousands of kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners. Jiang Zemin rewarded the most evil and vicious police, like Chen Wen and Chen Minghai, for murdering their own people and torturing Falun Gong practitioner. Those depraved souls nature is such that it cannot be changed for the better. Because of the propaganda, everyday people became insensitive and unfeeling to the plight of the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. They dared not resist or speak-up for practitioners. This then encouraged aggressive arrogance. They could not envision that the depraved might treat other people the same. The seed of viciousness has grown and the poison has spread. It cannot change. The Wanzhou incident and the Tongliang explosion amply prove this contention.

The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners is the persecution of all people. We must stop this persecution. As long as you speak fairly of Dafa you oppose the persecution. If everyone would step forward to oppose the persecution, the evil would perish.