(Clearwisdom.net) I began to practice Falun Gong in 1993. I was fortunate enough to hear Teacher as he taught the Fa in person on four separate occasions, and I also heard Teacher teaching the Fa for the volunteer assistant center coordinators once. I met Teacher five times, I respectfully listened to Teacher teaching the Fa, and I experienced Teacher's great mercy. I would like to share with my fellow practitioners my deepest memories, my witnessing of miracles, and the sacredness and wonderfulness of Falun Dafa.

1. I met Teacher in person and was immersed in Buddha graciousness five times

In May 1993, one of my primary school teachers led me to Teacher's first class in Guizhou. It was on the third day of the class that I was fortunate to obtain the Fa.

The first time I saw Teacher, I felt that I had known him for a long time, but I could not remember when I had seen him before. I quietly sat down in the back of the class. The first sentence I heard was:

"Some people who have practiced other qigong before also come into my class. As long as you truly practice Falun Gong, I will straighten out all these matters, I will clean up your body, adjust your body, preserve the good part and remove the bad part, ensure that you are able to practice cultivation later." (Draft translation of audio recording)

That was a miracle! How did he know that, due to health problems, I'd practiced other qigong before? It seemed I had found the genuine Teacher. I was deeply convinced by Teacher's Fa principles. Teacher's every sentence moved my heart. The more I listened, the more I wanted to listen and loved to listen.

Teacher held three classes in Guizhou. I attended them all and also brought along some of my colleagues and relatives.

When Teacher gave his final class in Guangzhou City in December 1994, I was there. On September 23, 1997, Teacher taught the Fa for the Guizhou assistant center coordinators at Guiyang. I was fortunate to meet Teacher again and listen to him teaching the Fa, so I met Teacher a total of five times.

Teacher said in Zhuan Falun,

"I think that those who can listen to my lectures in person, I would say, honestly... you will realize in the future that this period of time is extremely precious."

How true! Every time I recall that period of time, I feel incomparably happy.

2. Teacher eliminates demonic interference

I remember that there were all sorts of interference during the third class. Either the electricity would suddenly fail during Teacher's lecture or the venue had to be changed. Especially during the first and second lectures, while Teacher was talking the power suddenly went out. No problem was found with the power supply or the circuit. I watched as Teacher grabbed and then waved his hand, and the lights came on again. Afterwards Teacher continued to teach the Fa. Then the lights went off again, and Teacher sorted it out again. This repeated many times. Sometimes it appeared that Teacher just thought silently for several seconds and the problem would be solved.

We know from the lecture that there are many Taoist practitioners in Guizhou. They cultivate in the remote mountains and block their caves with supernormal abilities, but they have to go through a great deal of suffering on their cultivation path. They have not obtained the right methods for cultivation, and, even after a long period of cultivation, they still have not made much progress. There were many good practitioners among them, and they also came to listen to the Fa this time. But there were also some bad ones. Teacher dislikes fighting with others, so he just gave the lectures. Nobody can interfere.

Teacher gave another two classes in May and June. The first class was held at the Provincial Geology Bureau, and the second class was held in the assembly hall of the Guiyang Medical Institute. The third class was held in August, and many practitioners attended. It was to be held at the Provincial Government Hall. After the first lecture, however, we were not allowed to return on the second day. We quickly found a Youth Activity Center, and it did not affect Teacher's lecturing. Later we knew it was the snake in human form from Huaxi cave making the trouble. At the 1993 Oriental Health Expo in Beijing he again meddled, although he had previously told the volunteer director at the Guizhou instruction center that he would no longer cause trouble. Teacher had been merciful again and again and offered him many chances to correct his behavior, but he could not change his demonic nature and finally had to be destroyed.

3. The miracle in the photograph

After the first class finished, we were fortunate to have a group photo taken with Teacher in front of the Elephant Spring at Guiyang Qianling Park, which used to be one of our practice sites.

At the end of the second class, Teacher patted me on both shoulders and gently said to me, "Maintain your xinxing. Practice well."

A young male fellow practitioner saw this and said to me, "You are very fortunate! Teacher Li gave you precious things!"

I went home, but I was unable to keep my mind calm. I thought, "Teacher is leaving Guiyang soon. I must go see him off."

It was raining. While I was rushing towards the train station, I suddenly felt something very much like what Teacher had described in "Guanding,"

"a warm current will suddenly come down from the top of their heads to all over their bodies." (Zhuan Falun)

I felt extremely comfortable, and this feeling lasted for a long time. Since then, the icy-coldness in my limbs, and all my other illnesses have disappeared.

Teacher got on the train, and then the train slowly started up. Several practitioners gazed at Teacher from the platform. Teacher stood next to the door and waved to us. A photo was taken. In the picture, from Teacher's waving hand to the tops of our heads was all pure white in color. We were covered by the whiteness. Our bodies and faces can't be seen clearly, because they are all white. Every time we look at this photo, we all feel Teacher's immense mercy and feel even more happy and kind.

4. Giving hints to people with predestined relationships

Before I practiced Falun Gong, I practiced many kinds of qigong for my health problems. I also had a local qigong master as well as several of my brothers and sisters treat me. After I learned Falun Gong, I said to myself, "Only the Teacher of Dafa is my genuine Teacher. Only he can save me." I therefore said to my brothers and sisters, "Falun Dafa truly cultivates both mind and body. Teacher Li came to save people." From then on, I stopped practicing other qigong and concentrated on practicing Falun Gong. I also hoped they would practice Falun Gong, too, including my former so-called "Master." I bought a cushion and the whole set of Falun Gong literature for him. He accepted the cushion but returned the Dafa materials to me. One of my sisters said to me that she knew Falun Gong is good and she wanted to practice, but she could not make up her mind for a long time.

One day at noon, close to the end of the second class, I went to her home. She delightedly told me about how she had sat in meditation at home in the morning (the qigong she practiced also had a sitting meditation) and saw from her third eye that a very strong and beautiful energy pole was revolving from the medical institute, the venue of our lecture class, towards her home. Her home was in the southwestern part of the city and the medical institute was in the north, so it had to pass over nearly the whole city. Then it stopped in front of her. It was very bright and made her feel very comfortable. More surprisingly, after she finished her sitting meditation, she discovered that a very beautiful painting of a landscape had appeared on her right palm. It looked like it had been drawn with a purple colored pencil, but she could not rub it off or wash it off. I was very excited when I saw it and said to her, "This is a hint from the Teacher of Dafa, telling you not to miss out on this precious chance." Then I took her to the class at the medical institute, and she finally listened to Teacher's last lecture at the second class.

After the lesson, I took her before Teacher and told him what had happened to her. Teacher took a look at the painting on her hand and happily told her to attend the third class in August. Sadly, because she could not let go of her previous practice and the so-called "supernormal abilities" nor even put down her human attachments, she did not make it. It is a real pity!

5. My body is cleaned out and purified

Teacher said,

"For every true Dafa practitioner, I will clean out the body and purify the body for you. The illnesses that you know about, those you do not know about, and those that will occur in the future will all be cleaned out for you..." (Draft translation of audio recording)

Before I practiced Falun Gong, I had many health problems, including the aftereffects of a concussion, problems with my back, hay fever, tuberculosis, rib cartilage inflammation, arthritis, kidney problems, and so on. My body was often swollen, my arms and legs were ice-cold, and I frequently had a cold. For a long time I couldn't live without medicine and injections. I was skinny, my complexion was dark, and I looked much older than my actual age.

Less than a month after I began practicing Falun Gong, all my diseases disappeared without medical treatment. My face developed a healthy color, and I felt energetic. Since that time, I have no longer needed injections or medicine, and I look much younger. My colleagues and family were all happy for me.

One afternoon after the second class finished, I was mopping the floor at home. I suddenly felt pain stab my stomach like a knife. It was so painful that I rolled about on the sofa. After a while, my clothes were soaking wet. My husband and son were worried and were going to send me to the hospital. I told them it wasn't disease, that it was Teacher purifying my body and getting rid of the root causes of my illnesses. I didn't want to go to the hospital. The pain was unbearable. I shouted, "Teacher, please give me strength!" As soon as I said that, the pain suddenly stopped. I was all right, just like nothing had happened. I again picked up the mop and started cleaning.

My husband and son could not stop saying, "This is a miracle. The pain was so terrifying just now. As soon as you called out to your Teacher, the pain stopped. Who'd believe this? We wouldn't if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes."

Once at work, I suddenly had diarrhea and had to go to the toilet again and again. My colleagues tried to get me to take pills. I said I would be all right after the bad stuff was removed. I didn't eat anything at noon. I went to the toilet several dozen times that day, but I was energetic and worked normally after using the toilet. My colleagues said, "How strange. You repeatedly go to the toilet and eat nothing. According to common sense you should be dehydrated, but you are very energetic and in glowing health. Falun Gong is really mystical." Because of this incident, they all later joined the practice with me but stopped after July 20, 1999, due to their fear of persecution.

After I became a practitioner, I experienced many miracles. I've been in two car accidents where the car turned over, and I twice fell down the stairs, but I was not injured at all. These are all because of Teacher's immense mercy and mighty virtue, bearing many big tribulations for me. Teacher has given me many lives. Thank you, Teacher.

All true practitioners can feel Teacher next to them, protecting us everywhere, all the time.

6. A predestined relationship

September 23, 1997, is the date that I can never forget. After we did the exercises at the practice site in the morning, an assistant told me that the assistants' meeting would be held at 2 p.m. at the Bajiaoyan Hotel and admonished me to be on time. She later phoned me and asked me to go a bit earlier to clean up and prepare the meeting place. She also said she was so excited that she couldn't sleep all night the night before, and she didn't want to eat. I thought, "What could cause her to be so excited that she forgets food and sleep? Is it possible that Teacher is coming?"

I arrived at the meeting place quite early. When everything was ready, I went outside the hotel to meet the arriving practitioners. At the side door outside the hall, I saw Teacher coming, accompanied by the volunteer director of the instruction center. They were walking on the garden footpath and only a few meters away from me. Teacher also saw me, and he smiled and walked towards me. I stood there longingly and could not remember anything. My eyes were full of tears, and I wanted to kneel down to Teacher, but there were many people around. At that moment, the volunteer director spoke loudly to me, saying, "Why don't you quickly lead Teacher to the meeting site?" Only then was I awakened from amazement, and I led Teacher to the meeting room.

This is my predestined relationship, a deep predestined relationship with Buddha! I never thought that at Teacher's final visit to Guiyang that I would welcome Him in front of the hall entrance. I was totally unprepared. I was immersed in happiness, and my mind was empty. Facing Teacher, I couldn't think of anything to say. In the end, before Teacher left, I said, "Thank you, Teacher!"

Teacher held my hands, smiled, and kindly said to me, "Read the book more, study the Fa more. By reading Zhuan Falun, no matter how high a cultivation level you want to reach, it can guide you there..." We practitioners took one step and turned around. We were reluctant to leave. Teacher saw us and then came over. He said, "Guiyang, I will come again..."

Teacher, on behalf of all Dafa practitioners in Guizhou, I sincerely put my palms together and send this greeting to our great and compassionate Teacher. Teacher, you have done so much! Guizhou Dafa practitioners miss you!

We hope one day Teacher will come again. We believe this day isn't too far off!

7. Halo

As Teacher taught the Fa to Guizhou assistants for the last time, two of the hotel waitresses ran to me and told me that they saw Teacher sitting inside a very beautiful circle, and a halo above 'His head. They also said, "Your Teacher is Buddha." I told them, "Our Teacher came to save the sentient beings. You can see this because of your predestined relationship with Buddha. You are very lucky! You should quickly come to practice." They both said they couldn't give up everyday people's attachments. They had both read Zhuan Falun and practiced the exercises a few times but said the requirements were too high. Although I talked to them many times, and they actually got encouragement from Teacher, they were too lost in the maze of the human world. Ultimately they could not walk the path of cultivation. It is such a shame.

8. Invincible Mighty Power

Teacher said in one lecture,

"People from this class will not only have their illnesses healed, but will also develop gong - the genuine gong..."

One of my colleagues attended Teacher's third class. Not long after she began practicing Falun Gong, a health checkup in 1994 revealed that the Hepatitis B she had lived with for many years had disappeared. Furthermore, she also developed gong.

One morning in the winter of 1994, she got on a bus to go shopping, and a group of thieves squeezed in around her. One thief tried to steal her wallet, but as soon as his hand got close to the wallet, his hand recoiled. This happened repeatedly. At last the group of thieves had to give up, and they all just stared at her. In fact, she knew what they were up to all along but said nothing, waiting to see what tricks they would use, so she also stared at them. This the thieves couldn't bear, so they guiltily got off the bus early. When they got off, they shouted, "This woman carries energy! We can't prevail over her."

Teacher's Fa displays invincible mighty power, so at the critical moment, this practitioner's supernormal abilities came forth, and she avoided losing her wallet to the pickpocket.

I personally experienced and witnessed the above incidents. Many Dafa practitioners have also experienced many supernatural things. I have written down what I saw and experienced, not only to share with fellow practitioners, but also to let everyone know that Falun Dafa is great and about Teacher's unselfishness, his open, noble, greatness and mercy, and Dafa's sacredness, dignity and wonderfulness. This magnificence can't be expressed with human language!