(Clearwisdom.net) My cousin's daughter-in-law had a 7-and-a-half pound beautiful baby girl on September 28, 2004(i.e. August 15th Mid-autumn Festival of Chinese lunar calendar). But the day after her birth, the baby's face suddenly turned pale and she had difficulty breathing. After being diagnosed at the No.1 Hospital of a medical college, the doctor said the baby had inherited a congenital heart disease and would only live for three days. The doctor said he could do nothing at all for the baby. This type of heart disease is the most serious for a newborn baby, as blood from the arteries flows into the veins, and the lungs, liver and heart become swollen. The baby's mother had also previously suffered from a congenital heart disease. At the age of 5, she had major surgery but since then her condition had become stable. The baby's grandmother also suffered from a congenital heart disease. And two of the mother's siblings, the grandmother's first two children, had died of this disease. Thus the family was mentally prepared for the worst.

After hearing the news, the day after the baby's birth, I sent righteous thoughts, holding one palm erect, and said to the child's yuanshen (main consciousness): "If you came for the Fa, only Dafa can save you." Then I immediately told the entire family of the many miraculous stories of Dafa Disciples finding ways out of desperate situations. On the fifth day, I instructed the child's aunt, who also practiced Falun Gong, to say directly into the child's ear: "You came here for the Fa! Falun Dafa is great!"

On the eighth day, the doctor said that there was nothing more that he could do for the baby so he advised the family to take her home. He said that without medicine and oxygen, the baby would probably be dead before the night was out and that the family should make preparations for the funeral.

As soon as they got home they played Dafa music and Master Li's Fa lectures for the baby. Gradually the baby began to open her eyes. Soon she began nursing, then smiling and her face became rosy. Her grandmother said that her condition was even better than that of her aunt when she was that age. They called the baby "Xiao Fatong (Little Fa Baby)"

The baby is over 90 days old now. She likes to listen to Dafa music and Master's Fa lectures. She looks completely like other normal children of her age. The child's grandmother came to listen to the girl's heartbeats, pressing one ear against the child's chest. She has tried several times and has found none of the symptoms that she observed with her own children who had died.

Now, the child's grandmother, grandmother-in-law and my cousin's aunt have all started to practice Falun Gong. The whole family continually listens to Dafa music and Master's Fa lectures.

Later we enlightened that we should think with a different mentality about this situation. The child came to the world suffering for the entire family. When the dozens of my relatives and neighbors, including the relatives in my hometown, learned about how this child was saved miraculously from death, they were stunned. When they heard about how this was accomplished, it caused them to think deeply. Everyone who knows now has a new understanding about Dafa, and this has had the effect of eliminating the poison that Jiang and his gang have put in their minds. As a result of this baby's tribulation; many people have stepped onto the path of cultivation practice. Xiao Fatong has brought the gift of life to our friends and family. It is through this child's experience of being rescued from death that Master has saved our entire family.

December 21, 2004