After reading Master's new article "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People", fellow practitioner A and I decided that we should go to Beijing to clarify the truth, and we asked fellow practitioner B to go with us.

After we got off the train, we went straight to Tiananmen Square. We started from Tiananmen Square, walked along Fuyou Street (the place where "April 25" originated) and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate all the dark minions and rotten demons. After we finished, we checked in to a hotel. We were exhausted after walking for the whole afternoon and we had sore feet. We took a short break after sending righteous thoughts. Then at night, we distributed truth-clarifying materials along the streets and in the hotels while sending righteous thoughts. Our state was so righteous that we were able to smoothly distribute the truth-clarifying materials. When practitioner A and I finished one hotel and got ready to enter into another, practitioner B thought it was not safe and did not agree to go and he started to argue with practitioner A. Practitioner A and I thought practitioner B was thinking too much about his safety and did not put saving sentient beings as priority number one. Practitioner B was upset. I had known practitioner B for a long time and this was the first time that I had ever seen him angry.

I thought that it was not a coincidence that we argued in this dimension. In other dimensions, it was the evil beings that caused the separation and destroyed our coordination so we could not better utilize the whole body's power to save sentient beings. We were not considerate of our fellow practitioner's thoughts and feelings so the evil beings took advantage of our human attachments and created the conflict between us. Practitioner A and I gave up our point of view and distributed the truth-clarifying materials along the resident houses next to the street.

When we got back to our hotel, we found that we had only distributed half of the materials that we had brought with us. We discussed the situation and thought how to distribute the truth-clarifying materials more effectively. Practitioner B and I thought we should put together the printed materials and the small red card that said, "Falun Dafa is good" so as to be more efficient. We did not think we should distribute the red card separately. I personally thought that the small card alone would not have very much impact because the people who have been poisoned would not have a chance to learn the facts and they might throw it away. Practitioner A thought that the materials were so limited that if we combined them then the area of distribution would be smaller. I thought that we should not look at the quantity, but look at the quality while we distribute the materials. I thought we should not only clarify the truth but also clearly clarify the truth; that it is more important to make sure sentient beings truly understand the truth.

Practitioner A did not agree so we put this aside temporarily. Practitioner B went out to distribute materials alone. After he came back, he told us what occurred while he was distributing the materials. A resident saw practitioner B while he was distributing the truth-clarifying materials and asked him what kind of advertisement it was and he started to realize it was a truth-clarifying card about Falun Gong. From this incident, we could see that it would be more effective if the written materials were given out together with the card. After practitioner A heard this, he realized his stubbornness and agreed with us. We were no longer separate, which was what the evil beings were most scared of. So once again we formed an unshakable unified body.

During the truth-clarifying distribution period, we had some disagreements. However, we all took the Fa as priority and did not cling to our own personal thoughts. This is the uplifting process and the process of moving forward according to the Fa principles.

We hope that fellow practitioners who have not stepped forward will step forward and that we will all do our best to do The Three Things that Master requested us to do and accomplish the prehistoric vows of saving sentient beings. Due to my limited level, fellow practitioners, please point out my mistakes with mercy.

December 24, 2004