1. A Policeman in a Brainwashing Class Wakes Up: "I Will Not Do Any Foolish Things to Persecute Falun Gong Anymore"

In a brainwashing class in Heilongjiang Province, a policeman often beat and abused Dafa practitioners from 1999 to 2003, and forced practitioners to watch videos slandering Dafa. When officials from the 610 Office came to investigate, his performance was even more brutal. In late 2003, after the practitioners kept patiently clarifying the truth to him, this policeman finally realized that Dafa practitioners are not like what was described on TV and he changed his view of Dafa in light of the facts.

During working hours, this policeman often entered the cells and talked to practitioners, repentant of his previous behavior of beating and abusing practitioners. He said it was a crime to do those things. He said he would not do those terrible things to persecute Dafa practitioners anymore, nor would he do this despicable job anymore.

He secretly sent back previously confiscated Dafa books to the practitioners and told them to be careful when reading them, and to not let the authorities find out. Under his influence, other policemen also did not interfere with the Dafa practitioners' practicing the exercises anymore.

2. A Criminal in a Labor Camp Safeguards Justice for Falun Gong Practitioners

In a labor camp in Northeastern China, a criminal named Xiaoli learned the truth of Falun Gong. Because of being around Falun Gong practitioners, she saw the pureness and goodness of Dafa and she often said, "I will learn Falun Gong after I get out."

Once, a practitioner was reading a Falun Dafa article, and another criminal inmate grabbed it away from her. Xiaoli tried to persuade the inmate not to report it to the guards and to give it back to the practitioner. However, the criminal reported both Xiaoli and the practitioner to the guard. The guard ordered Xiaoli to recognize her mistake. However, Xiaoli insisted that she did nothing wrong. Xiaoli will be released soon and the guard threatened her with an extension of her term, and punished her by forcing her to stand for a long time. Xiaoli stood for four hours straight, without lowering her head to the guards. The guards finally let her go.

3. A Policeman Knows the Truth and Protects Dafa

On January 7, I went to Fang City to clarify the truth of Falun Gong. On the bus to Zhengzhou City, I distributed truth-clarifying materials to three people. As a result, all the people on the bus asked for more truth-clarifying materials. I gave everyone a flyer. A plainclothes policeman also asked for one. Then he asked me to sit beside him. Taking out his police ID to show me, he said, "You are really bold and really courageous! You have to be careful from now on. There are a lot of plainclothes policemen around, so you have to be careful. Today, you were lucky to run into me, because I know the truth." The policeman said, "Your teacher knows whether I do good or bad." He also said that he has read many of Teacher's articles.

January 20, 2005