(Clearwisdom.net) On January 23, 2005, after watching the CCTV "Focal Point Interview" (rehashing the staged Self-Immolation incident) I immediately shared my views on the issue with my fellow practitioners. One practitioner asked, why is the evil so rampant at these last moments of the Fa rectification? Is it because we still have omissions as a whole, which are taken advantage of by the evil? Another practitioner said, "Now that the evil has been eliminated to the greatest extent, how could they be able to still have such an impact? This has complicated our truth-clarification effort to a great extent." Some other practitioners felt much pressure and even developed fear, wondering if the evil could mass greater attacks in the near future. They said that the end of the year (Chinese Lunar Calendar) is approaching, and this was generally the time when the evil looked for loopholes to persecute practitioners. Maybe we should watch the situation quietly for some time before doing anything to clarify the truth.

In my understanding, in this last stage of Fa rectification, every practitioner's understanding of the Fa should become more mature, and every practitioner should use his or her righteous mind to look at the issue. One needs to clearly focus on the fact that the "Focal Point Interview" program is filled with ambiguities and that the persecutors are lying to themselves and others. The program does not show anything substantive and it cannot achieve the goal to further deceive people. With just a little analysis, people can see that it is a scam and laugh at it. My point is that this issue indicates that the Fa rectification of the human world is very near.

Teacher said that the evil forces are becoming more rampant as they approach their end. The more rampant they are, the closer they are to being completely eliminated. They are running out of tricks. Even the program like "Focal Point Interview," which had the most power to instigate hatred, is no longer able to instigate hatred in people. It actually is rehashing old tricks that have already been exposed. It was laughable, as the several so-called "Falun Gong practitioners" frequently looked at the director for a cue, while reciting their obviously prepared speech. The nurse claimed that the person being taken care of was in perfect health, yet the person did not appear. How come so many participants of the "Self Immolation incident" did not show their faces? The program also pointed to the Minghui website many times. However, why are the persecutors blocking the website? Don't they want the Chinese people to visit it? If there were no lies and tricks, why did they do that?

It is easy to see that this program is very different from the first broadcast regarding the staged "self Immolation" incident that was aired four years ago. Four years ago, the evil was looking for excuses to escalate the persecution. At that time the persecution intensified rapidly, and whatever the perpetrators alleged, people believed. But this time, the evil has failed, as people are not believing them.

The evil is done for. Practitioners should be clear on this issue and not be deceived. In fact, even the evil themselves can recognize the situation and their end. In the past several years, the evil has failed to destroy the practitioners, and thousands of people became new practitioners. Furthermore, practitioners overseas organized large activities, clarifying the truth in over 60 countries actively. Many people in China have come to know the truth about Falun Dafa, and even some people inside the police force no longer participate in the persecution, believing that "good is rewarded with good, and evil will meet with evil."

In fact, the evil is very clear about the situation of Falun Dafa and their own status. This is their last struggle. Their goal is just to scare those practitioners who still hold fear, preventing them from stepping forward to clarify the truth. They are completely helpless against fearless practitioners.

As practitioners, we should be clear about the true nature of the issue: the desperation of the evil indicates that the Fa rectification of the human world is drawing closer. In this situation, practitioners should do the three things even better, holding righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and not giving the evil any chance to regroup. We should clarify the truth openly and send forth righteous thoughts more frequently. The evil is becoming weaker and we are becoming stronger. The evil is no longer able to lie effectively. How long can they last? We should be more diligent in our cultivation and welcome the Fa rectification of the human world with our righteous thoughts and righteous actions.