(Clearwisdom.net) On January 17, 2005, former Chinese leader Mr. Zhao Ziyang, who had been put under house arrest for fifteen years by the CCP, passed away. Mr. Zhao's death caused strong reactions in China and abroad. People, from the ordinary Chinese in China to top officials in the U.S., from Hong Kong representatives to the former Soviet Union leader Gorbachev, mourned his death, and gave high praise of his achievements. In contrast, the Chinese official media kept quiet about Zhao's death, and only reported his death with one sentence in the state newspaper.

The Chinese government apparatus went into high gear. Obituaries posted on the web by the official Xinhua News.net were quickly removed. It was easy to recognize the CCP's nervousness over this issue.

As expected, some pro-democratic individuals were put under close observation and house arrest. Plainclothes policemen were everywhere in Beijing. Although the CCP had spared no effort to limit the news of his death, vehicles filled with wreathes and flower baskets arrived one after another. Calls for the redress of Zhao Ziyang became louder and more intense.

History has taught today's CCP leaders that mourning former leaders often resulted in political realignment. One can only deduce that the CCP is most concerned and afraid of any such event arising out of Zhao's death.

To shift people's attention was always, and still is, a most effective tool for the CCP. For example, two years ago, when the lies about SARS were exposed and the situation had reached a critical point, the Chinese official media had around-the-clock broadcasts about a Chinese mountain climbing team's ascent.

On January 18, 2005, the CCP stayed true to their nature. The CCP's mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency broadcasted CCP's staged "Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation" of four years ago. This time, they attempted to shift the Chinese people's attention from Zhao's death and instigated more hatred against Falun Gong.

During the years since the persecution was started, the CCP and Jiang's regime have incessantly stirred up the Chinese people's hatred towards Falun Gong before holidays and important meetings. The Chinese New Year is drawing close. The CCP and the Jiang regime's continued attempt to instigate hatred will not change the outcome. The global trial for genocide, crimes against humanity and torture against Jiang and his followers cannot be stopped. The people are gradually awakening and seeing through their ruses.