Two issues in clarifying the facts

When clarifying the facts to people in China, I found that there are two issues that seriously affect the way people perceive Falun Dafa:

1. In the Chinese society, "fearful of being involved or being implicated in any controversy" is the typical attitude of the public. It is the manifestation of Chinese peoples' strong desire to safeguard oneself and one's personal interest. Many people don't bother to learn the facts or avoid opportunities to hear us clarify the facts to them because of this attitude, which is a byproduct of the Communist Party's technique in mounting continual political campaigns and engineering horrible massacres among the population. People lose their ability to reason when their lives are threatened.

2. People often feel that the reason we try to clarify the facts to them is to convince them to join us so we can therefore strengthen our group. With this kind of tainted thinking, which is a result of the regime's poisonous media campaign, it would be hard for the general population to learn the facts about Falun Dafa.

Through practitioners' diligent effort to clarify the facts to the public, most people in China have become clear that the persecution of Falun Dafa is unjustifiable. Nonetheless, they still cannot objectively look at Falun Dafa because of the two factors described above. I believe that the first issue can be addressed by producing articles directed at this topic and distributing them to the public along with the truth-clarification material. This way we can help people to get over their fear so that they will be able to learn the truth about Falun Dafa. Many people shy away from face-to-face truth-clarification, but will nevertheless take the material to read at their convenience.

We can address the second issue by informing people that cultivation is a personal choice, and that we are not in the business of convincing or forcing people to cultivate. All we ask is an opportunity to tell people the facts so that they can get a clear picture about what Falun Dafa is. We trust that people will make a correct analysis and judgment once they know the facts.

Suggestion regarding sending forth righteous thoughts

When two local Falun Dafa practitioners started to send righteous thoughts every hour on the hour in addition to the globally synchronized times, a counteroffensive by the evil forces in other dimensions was triggered. For example, the two practitioners started out to distribute truth-clarification materials together, but one of them suddenly suffered a severe stomachache and the other older one couldn't go by himself, since he'd get lost easily. It shows the extreme nature of the persecution when things like this happen at the critical moment that one is striving to save sentient beings. After ten minutes of sending forth strong righteous thoughts and asking for Teacher's support, everything went back to normal.

From this experience, I recall that Teacher had said that the offices that Jiang's group uses to persecute Falun Dafa and the practitioners, which includes the public security bureaus, police stations, forced labor camps, detention centers, prisons and the 610 Office, are the old mechanisms and the dark strongholds used by the evil forces in other dimensions. In the final period of the Fa-rectification, we must eliminate these ominous strongholds, and completely eliminate the evil forces.

The two practitioners mentioned above specifically asked me to convey their insight to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. In mainland China, most practitioners have to battle the persecution on their own or in small groups. It is almost impossible to know which practitioner is being persecuted, and therefore there is no way to help or rescue the ones who are in trouble. Under this circumstance, the globally synchronized effort to send forth righteous thoughts to destroy and eliminate the evil forces is a very effective counter-persecution measure for rescuing fellow practitioners and saving sentient beings. I believe this is very achievable. I would like to ask my fellow practitioners at Minghui/Clearwisdom to coordinate the time and rally practitioners in China to send forth righteous thoughts in a coordinated manner to destroy the extra-dimensional evil forces.

[Editor's Note: The editors agree that this is a very good suggestion. We ask all practitioners in China to add one additional thought while sending forth righteous thoughts -- crush all the forced labor camps, detention centers...and all offices that are responsible for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. Practitioners in each local area can send forth righteous thoughts on the top of the hour two additional times in the evening in addition to the regular ones. For instance, in Beijing practitioners will send righteous thoughts together at 9 pm and 10 pm to clear out the local behind-the-scenes factors and rotten spirits that carry out the persecution.]