"This is to show my respect for the Buddha and God!"

On a Wednesday afternoon in November of 2004, Falun Dafa practitioner Auntie Li was distributing truth-clarification material and clarifying the facts to people on a street corner in the busy Chinatown of Toronto. A woman about 40 years old was walking towards her. She suddenly knelt down in front of the displayed Falun Dafa poster and sincerely kowtowed three times facing the poster. Auntie Li hurried to help her up and thanked her. The woman began to walk away and turned around after a few steps, took out a package of noodles and handed it to Auntie Li saying, "This is for you." Auntie replied, "I just had lunch, but thank you very much." The woman again knelt down in front of Auntie Li to kowtow and again Auntie Li helped her up and thanked her. The woman said in a sincere voice, "This is to show my respect for the Buddha and God!" Auntie Li was very touched and there were tears in her eyes. The woman said good-bye and left.

"Sorry, I was wrong. I shouldn't have treated you like that."

Auntie Li has been going to Chinatown to clarify the facts to people for the past year and a half. During this time, she has encountered all kinds of people. Some were misled by Jiang's poisonous media and thus harbored many misunderstandings about Falun Dafa and declined to accept truth-clarification material. Some went further and actually destroyed the truth-clarification material and made abusive remarks. Through practitioners' relentless efforts in clarifying the facts, more and more have become clear about the truth of Falun Dafa.

There was a Cantonese speaking Chinese person in his 60s who used to decline any truth-clarification materials. One time, he even tore up the materials and threw them away while cursing. Auntie Li saw him again while she was distributing truth-clarification materials in Chinatown. However, this time he was not like his old-self, and, a little embarrassed, he told Auntie Li, "I am sorry. I was wrong. I shouldn't have treated you like that last time." With a smile, Auntie Li told him, "Don't worry about it. I will not get angry no matter what you say. As a matter of fact, Falun Dafa requires us to follow 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.' Many Chinese misunderstand us because of Jiang's regime's suppression of Falun Dafa. We come here year after year to tell the facts to people so that people will truly appreciate Falun Dafa. Do you know that some people benefit just by silently reciting 'Falun Dafa is good?' You essentially hurt yourself when you make hurtful remarks." He nodded his head after listening to Auntie Li and took a copy of the truth-clarification material.

"You are remarkable!"

In the past few years, no matter what the weather conditions, snowy, rainy, cold or windy, Falun Dafa practitioners always persisted in distributing truth-clarification materials and clarifying the facts to people in the busy Chinatown in Toronto. Practitioners wearing a smile gave out truth-clarification materials to passersby. Many people declined the truth-clarification materials from practitioners, but regardless of common people's perception of them, the practitioners persisted without complaint or regret and continued the task of distributing the materials and clarifying the facts. Although not every passerby accepted the materials from the practitioners, people did notice them and gradually changed their attitude towards them. People regarded practitioners as trustworthy. They would ask practitioners to watch their belongings while they tended to personal business elsewhere. Some came to practitioners for help when they encountered problems or difficulties and some would even buy drinks, bread or cakes for the practitioners. Practitioners always expressed their thanks, but explained that they could not accept the gifts. However, these kind-hearted people said to them, "You work so hard, please accept it!" "You are remarkable!" or "This is not an easy task that you take on!"

More and more people are becoming clear about the truth. Although it is hard work for Auntie Li and others who persist in the truth-clarification effort, they also feel it is extremely gratifying.