(Clearwisdom.net) In order to let the people who live where there are no Dafa disciples hear about Dafa and learn the true story about Falun Gong, and to allow the people with a predestined relationship to obtain the Fa, I went to the South Pacific Ocean island country - the Independent State of Papua New Guinea to spread the Fa and clarify the truth in June 2003 and December 2004.

Papua New Guinea (hereafter referred to as PNG) is located south of the equator, 150km (93miles) north of Australia, and partially shares a border with Indonesia. Its area is 771,900 square kilometers or 190,700,000 acres with a population of approximately 5 million people.

Before my first trip to PNG to spread Dafa in June 2003, there had been no one practicing Falun Dafa there. Only a small number of the PNG citizens and the local Chinese people ever saw Falun Gong practitioners spreading the Fa or clarifying the truth during their travels abroad. The majority of the people (specifically the local Chinese people) learned about Falun Gong from the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) slandering media. Therefore, most of the people's minds had been poisoned by the CCP and by Jiang's regime.

Under Master's compassionate care and arrangement, many PNG citizens and overseas Chinese have learned about the magnificence of Dafa as well as the brutality of the persecution (in China) from our truth clarification materials. More and more people are leaning the true story. Moreover, there are individuals with a predestined relationship coming to study the Fa and practice the exercises. They are stepping onto the path of cultivation and returning to their original true self, by becoming genuine Dafa disciples. Therefore, one more country in the world now has Dafa disciples.

A 5-year-old Papua New Guinea young practitioner

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A young practitioner from Papua New Guinea is learning to write, "Falun Dafa is Great" in Chinese

1. Assisting Teacher's Fa-rectification to Accomplish Our Prehistoric Vows

Over 10 years ago, I was a CCP diplomatic officer. I worked in the Embassy of the PRC in the Independent State Of Papua New Guinea for three years. Although at that time I hadn't obtained the Fa, it had already been arranged for me to have a strong bond with PNG. Eight years ago, I was fortunate to obtain the Fa and I started to practice. We have experienced five years of persecution in China, and we have become even more determined on the path of cultivation during Fa-rectification.

One day in May 2003, when I was studying "Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference," I was deeply moved by two sections of the speech when Teacher answered the Latin American student's question:

"If an ethnic group or a country doesn't have Dafa disciples right now, it will bring them a ton of difficulty--and that's at a very minimum. So no matter how few Dafa disciples there are in a certain place, that is hope for that ethnic group."

"So as Dafa disciples, no matter where you are, you are bringing boundless blessings to the beings there, and you are laying for them a foundation for the future, a foundation to be saved in the future. That's how it is."

When reading the above, I suddenly realized that it was likely that there were no Dafa disciples in PNG. If that were the case, what would happen to its people and the country during the Fa rectification of the human world? I understood that as a former diplomatic officer who once worked in the Embassy of the PRC in PNG, I must have a predestined relationship with those PNG citizens. Perhaps, going there to spread the Fa and clarify the truth would accomplish my prehistoric vows. Soon afterward, our company's overseas partner started calling us regularly via international long-distance. They insisted that I go to PNG to set up a marine product processing and exportation project. I realized that it was because our compassionate Master saw my heart and hence arranged for me to go to PNG to assist with Master's Fa-rectification.

Each time I arrived at PNG's capital city of Port Moresby, I reminded myself that I was the first Falun Gong practitioner to go to PNG to spread the Fa and clarify the truth. To many natives, I was the first Falun Gong practitioner encountered directly by them in person. Since my every word and deed would directly impact the people's view about Dafa, I ought to "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence," ("Rationality") and maintain "righteous thoughts and righteous action." I wouldn't allow the evil to take any advantage and would definitely accomplish my sacred mission of assisting Teacher during the Fa-rectification in PNG.

2. Falun Gong Is Now in Papua New Guinea

There was a person from China, who before going abroad, believed the fabricated stories about Dafa made by the slandering media. While in China, he neither dared to accept the truth materials delivered to his door by Dafa disciples, nor did he dare to read them. In PNG after reading the truth clarification materials and the copy of Zhuan Falun that I gave to him, he was really touched and said that Falun Gong is really good, and that the Chinese slandering media were actually killing people! He was very happy to obtain the Fa. When he was learning the 3rd exercise, he could feel a flow of heat surging under his right foot. Although he had not yet learned all five exercises, Dafa's might had already revealed itself in the miracle on his body. On his 3rd day of doing the exercises, he pleasantly and surprisingly discovered that a worrisome bulge on his head that he had had for more than a year unexpectedly disappeared. Later, he brought several friends to listen to my truth clarification and learn the exercises. He also told people about the miracle that occurred in his body. Thereafter, this Chinese person not only continued to study the Fa and do the exercises, but he also began to clarify the truth to the people who were afraid of or hostile towards Falun Gong due to their being poisoned by the slander.

A Chinese lady had been seeking the purpose and meaning of life in various religions for many years. She often highlighted passages in the books that she read. However, when she read Zhuan Falun for the first time, her heart rose with respect and admiration. Not only didn't she make any marks in the book but she always rinsed her mouth and washed her hands before reading the Dafa books. After reading through Zhuan Falun, she was deeply touched by the might of Dafa and sincerely stated from her heart, "I finally realize that Dafa is the true Buddha Fa, and is the only righteous way and great path that can enable one to return to one's original true self in the Universe. I am really grateful to Master for sending you over to PNG to spread the Fa so that I and others with a predestined relationship can obtain the Fa and be saved."

Since then, this Chinese lady has gotten rid of her habit of sleeping a lot, developed over many years. She now gets up early at 4:00 a.m. each day to do Fa-study and practice the exercises and she has become very diligent. After she practiced for two weeks and was strengthened by Master, her relatives and friends couldn't help but exclaim when they saw the huge improvement in both her body and mind. After just two weeks of practice, everyone she ran into stared at her and then asked what kind of supernormal power made her lose so much weight in such a short time (She previously tried all means to lose weight but none was effective). She not only lost weight, but she also turned into a new person both inside and out. Previously she had been agitated, sad and gloomy; now joy came from her heart, her face glowed, and her mind was clear. She looked healthy and fresh. Her elder sister-in-law said to her husband, "Your wife has turned into a completely new person." Her husband's friend, the secretary of the Congress vice-speaker called her husband and said, "Your wife's change has shocked me! What kind of supernormal power changed her so effectively? Oh it is Falun Gong. I would also learn to practice Falun Gong with her!" After seeing the great improvement of this new practitioner, many of the PNG citizens and Chinese there have shown strong interest in Falun Gong; many people hope to learn the exercises as soon as possible.

This new student was not only very diligent in Fa-study and practice, but she also took Master's writing,

"Study the Fa and obtain the Fa,
Share in learning and share in cultivating,
Following [the Fa] in everything,
Compliance is cultivation." ("Solid Cultivation," Hong Yin, unofficial translation)

as her own motto, and followed the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" in her daily life. Along with her character improvement, her home environment changed and became peaceful and joyful. Prior to practice, she was "the tigress" in the family and frequently flew into a rage. Her husband and children all kept a distance from her, and the family atmosphere was filled with anxiety. Now, her husband says she has become cooperative and lovely; her children say that she has turned into an affectionate and nice Mom. The children have also become sensible, polite and obedient to their parents. This new student wrote a poem to express her joy and gratitude for obtaining Dafa: "Falun Dafa is great. Advocating Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, one will be saved once obtaining the Fa, returning to one's original land."

3. Let More PNG Citizens Know the Magnificence of Dafa, and the Evilness of the Jiang Regime's Persecution

The Papua- New Guinea villagers learn to practice Falun Gong

The Former Papua New Guinea Vice Prime Minister and his family members learn to practice Falun Gong

In order to let more PNG citizens have the opportunity to know Dafa, to know the magnificence of the Fa, to let those with a predestined relationship obtain the Fa, and also eliminate the hostile evil thoughts in the people poisoned by the slander, some new practitioners and I enhanced our efforts to spread the Fa and clarify the truth. Wherever we went, we always carried plenty of truth clarification materials or CDs in our briefcase. Everyone we encountered was targeted for our truth clarification. Even while shopping at supermarkets, we looked for opportunities to give the truth materials and CD's to the Chinese people. When a shop owner, a Chinese, learned that reading Falun Gong truth-clarifying material would bring him a good future, he couldn't help but express his gratitude while holding it. When a young Chinese couple accepted the materials and CD and learned we were Dafa disciples, they inquired with respect and care, "How is Master Li Hongzhi doing now?"

We visited many Chinese people and PNG citizens who had their businesses in the capital, and delivered materials and CDs to their shops and homes. After they learned the facts, they started to condemn the evil persecution of Falun Gong, and praise the greatness of Dafa and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. There were even Chinese people and PNG citizens starting to seriously read Zhuan Falun.

A new practitioner and I went to the Papua New Guinea Academy of Social Science to spread the Fa and deliver Dafa materials to the senior scholars. One staff member enthusiastically said that she would ask the dean to organize a class so all the staff members could learn Falun Gong together. Once, when I went to the Express Delivery Company to mail some samples, there were five or six employees who showed strong interest in Falun Gong. They all wanted the Falun Gong flyers and the truth clarifying CD, and wanted to learn the exercises as soon as possible.

In various circumstances, we continuously encountered people with a predestined relationship coming to learn about Dafa and the facts about the persecution. There were Chinese, PNG citizens, Indian, and Filipino; there were ordinary fishermen, and senior scholars; there were also current and former government high-ranking officials and diplomats, including the former Vice Prime Minister, former Minister of Finance and Administration, the Minister of Defense, et al. More than once, those PNG citizens who felt the greatness of Dafa said to me, "We thank God for sending you to deliver Falun Gong to Papua New Guinea!"

Former PNG Vice Prime Minister Mr. Augio [transliteration] once visited China after the nationwide suppression started. When meeting with him, I gave him the Dafa materials and answered his questions about the reason for the persecution. After he seriously read the material, he said that, "Falun Dafa is really good and really wonderful. I am especially moved by the three words Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." He immediately said that he would like to learn the exercises with me, and said when he returned home he would definitely let his sons and sons-in-law learn Falun Gong. Soon, the new practitioner and I, indeed, went to his home as promised to teach him and his sons, sons-in-law and grand children, about 10 people altogether, the exercises. Meanwhile I gave them the English version of Zhuan Falun. Mr. Augio sincerely said, "Thank you for introducing Falun Dafa to our entire family," and proudly claimed, "Our entire family are now all Falun Gong students!"

Near the time of my return to New Zealand, the new practitioner and I visited the PNG Prime Minister Sir Somare's office. We introduced Falun Gong to Prime Minister Somare's secretary and gave her the truth clarification materials. We asked her to give the truth materials and CDs to the Prime Minister. She expressed support for my coming to PNG to introduce Falun Gong to the local people and told us she would be glad to give the truth clarifying materials to the Prime minister. Moreover, she sincerely said to me, "I think the Prime Minister needs Falun Gong."


4. Spreading Dafa with an Irresistible Force

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Spreading Dafa in a university campus

A new practitioner is spreading Falun Dafa

Under Master's compassionate hints and arrangement, many fortunate PNG citizens have learned about Falun Gong. Many local Chinese people have awakened from the CCP's poisonous slandering media, and have learned the truth as a result of Dafa disciples' clarification. Some with a predestined relationship were so happy to obtain the Fa that they have become diligent Falun Gong practitioners. They are on the golden path of cultivation during the Fa-rectification. Although some new practitioners have just obtained the Fa, they have disciplined themselves according to the standards of Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period. They strive to do well in studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth. They are merging themselves into the mighty torrent of the Fa-rectification.

Using Master's guidance and with support from the new practitioners, before I returned to New Zealand at the end of December 2004, we established three practice sites in the capital of Port Moresby and one Fa-study group. Now, in PNG there are practitioners practicing Falun Gong, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth every day. Every week, there are practitioners going to the exercise sites to practice, to spread the Fa and distribute truth-clarifying materials. More and more PNG citizens, local Chinese people and people of other nationalities are learning that Falun Dafa has been introduced to PNG, and learning the wonderfulness of Dafa and the evilness of the persecution in China. People are more interested in Falun Dafa every day, and more and more people are coming to practice. I believe that along with the spread of Dafa, the kind hearted PNG citizens and the people of the world who take a good stance toward Dafa will be getting a glorious future.

By reviewing my two trips to PNG to spread the Fa and clarify the truth, the new practitioners and I have deeply felt the enormousness and powerfulness of Master's graciousness and the boundless Buddha Fa. Master has been constantly watching us, taking care of us, providing hints to us, and strengthening us. Actually, Master had already arranged the course for us to validate the Fa and to provide the opportunity of salvation to the common people; the only issue was whether we would take the path, and whether we would be brave and righteous . In "Touring North America to Teach the Fa," Master's said, "When you conduct yourselves righteously, Master can do anything for you." My understanding is that so long as we put away our various selfish notions and attachments, study the Fa, practice the exercises diligently, and constantly maintain strong righteous thoughts, we will be able to feel the never ending power and wisdom that Master and Dafa are providing. We will certainly be able to do well on the course of cultivation within the Fa-rectification arranged by Master.

January 1, 2005