(Clearwisdom.net) Around the end of December 2004, an internal document was circulated within various branch offices and institutions of the Beijing Government. Sources said that the documents circulated in some offices did not even have the official stamp, as though they were afraid to leave behind incriminating evidence. The title of the document was "Organizational Plan and Resolution on Preventing 'Falun Gong' related [Activities]," and it ordered government branches to prevent Falun Gong practitioners from carrying out large-scale activities exposing the persecution.

For example, a document received at a certain township level Communist Party Committee stated, "Based on the spirit of the meeting at the township Party Committee, to better coordinate with the current state of the battle (against Falun Gong), and to fulfill the Committee's instructions to crush 'Falun Gong' carrying out their plans for a 'final great battle between good and evil' in Beijing, and to conform to the headquarters' directives, local branches are to implement the following plan." Sources stated also stated that the locally distributed documents were copied from top-level directives.

The plan referenced above was described in three parts: Establishing a leadership group out of Party infrastructure, distributing the workload downstream to local branches, and reinforcing the authority of the 610 Office. It especially emphasized that all inspection and surveillance work implemented by the local Party Committee must be done through the direction of the 610 Office.

The leadership group is to have the local Party Secretary as the leader, and the group members are made up of department heads. This strategy emphasizes two things - the Party's firm control of executing the plans, and the involvement of each department.

Jiang's and the 610 Office's assessment of the current situation claimed that Falun Gong practitioners outside of China would organize practitioners from Beijing and outlying areas to come to vital locations such as Tiananmen Square and Zhongnanhai (the Central Government compound) for large scale truth clarification activities. Television facilities in the Beijing area are to be heavily guarded to prevent video signal interception by Falun Gong programs.

Sources said that in order to raise awareness, a certain "leader" from the Central Party Committee again raised concerns of stability, the one slogan that can best bring a sense of crisis to Party members, in his speech given in early December 2004. Documents circulated within the local Party systems included fabricated charges of "planning to inflict serious political repercussions at the Capital, interfering with, disrupting and damaging political stability at the Capital, even the entire nation." This made-up threat was aimed squarely at Falun Gong.

Based on these unsubstantiated, imagined threats, the local branches of government have been given the following directives:

  1. Prohibit any posting of "reactive" propaganda scrolls or signs at any office front entrances, at roadsides, or on buildings.
  2. Prohibit Falun Gong activities in office facilities and company headquarters.
  3. Prohibit practitioners from participating in activities to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong or promote it, and keep out of town practitioners from staying at local hotels.
  4. Safeguard local cable TV signals from being intercepted.
  5. Prohibit Falun Gong practitioners from distributing flyers and pamphlets.

One common opinion is that since the persecution was imposed by Jiang, if the persecution stops, his political career, as well as the wealth he has accumulated as a result of his power, will come to an end. That is the true reason for this whole affair.