UK Newsquest Regional Press: Protest over persecution in China

January 19, 2005

HUNDREDS of students joined a peaceful demonstration and signed a petition against human rights violations in China.

The gathering outside South-ampton University's Student Union building took many by surprise but scores were willing to add their signatures calling for the arrest of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin for persecuting followers of Falun Gong [...].

Amazing Experience of a Chinese American Learning Falun Gong in China


I am a gynecologist. In 1996 I started practicing Falun Gong. A few years ago, I started to clarify the truth to my patients at work and found it very effective. I would like to relate an account of how a Chinese American got to know about Falun Gong.

My Brother-in-law's Hepatitis B and Diabetes Disappeared after Studying Falun Dafa

( My brother-in-law, 47, is a worker in a fertilizer manufacturing plant. He suddenly fell ill this year, and with no alternative for a cure, he studied Falun Dafa and recovered.

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