(Clearwisdom.net) Yuan He is the head of the Xitiange Town Police Station in Miyun County, Beijing. Since the Jiang faction started the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, Yuan He has closely followed Jiang's orders and taken every opportunity to torture Dafa practitioners.

In 2000, Falun Gong practitioners went to Beijing's Tiananmen Square to peacefully appeal for Falun Dafa. Yuan He and other policemen arrested them and persecuted them with all sort of vicious methods. He exposed practitioners to the burning sun, forced them to do heavy manual labor, and deprived them of sleep.

During June and August of 2000, in cooperation with the 610 Office, Yuan He led a group of policemen to abduct about 30 to 40 practitioners to the Shudi Middle School in Xitiange Town. Here, while the school was closed for the summer, they held a brainwashing class and attempted to force practitioners to write the so-called "Guarantee Statement" not to practice Falun Gong. The practitioners refused, so Yuan He and other police beat the practitioners with wooden boards. Soon, there was a big pile of broken boards, and the classroom walls were splattered with practitioners' blood.

The policemen also violently raped the female practitioners. Worse still, the police raped a 17-year-old girl in broad daylight, then warned the witnesses not to tell others about what happened. After suffering tremendous physical abuse and mental trauma, the girl now lives in constant fear.

January 10, 2005