(Clearwisdom.net) Before practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Li Xiuzhen from Anqiu City, Shandong Province, was in poor health. In 1978 she was in a car accident. Her right leg was fractured and her joints were dislocated. Since the car accident, she suffered from severe migraines. Besides that, she also suffered from gastritis, gastroptosis, and gynecological and other disorders. For many years, she relied on medications and couldn't eat raw, spicy or cold foods. After she started to practice Falun Gong, Ms. Li became healthier and in better spirits. Her family environment also became more harmonious.

When Jiang Zemin's regime began the illegal persecution of Falun Dafa in July 1999, Ms. Li Xiuzhen spoke out and told people the facts about Dafa. As a result, the local township government, the Anqiu Detention Center, the Changle Detention Center, and the Jinan City Women's Jail persecuted her cruelly. She has been illegally arrested 19 times and the total time that Li was on hunger strikes adds up to 16 months. She was brutally force-fed 616 times. Sometimes the tube used to force-feed her was not removed for seven days at a time. She also suffered other types of humiliating tortures such as: being force-fed with spices that caused her lips to peel; having her mouth stuffed with smelly shoes or socks; being spit at; being hung up in the air while handcuffed; being knocked against a wall; having a force-feeding tube pulled in and out; being tied to a chair; having bamboo sticks force open her eyes in order to deprive her of sleep; getting shocked with electric batons on sensitive body parts; being handcuffed to a metal chair for a long period of time; and being confined in the guards' room.

On November 29, 2001, Ms. Li was abducted and detained at the Changle Detention Center. Two months later, she was transferred to the Jinan Women's Prison. The persecution methods adopted in the prison are very brutal. Ms. Li was tortured until she weighed only 50 lbs. When her family came to pick her up, they had prepared a shroud and made funeral arrangements. The prison guards told her family that she could die at any moment.

The following are re-enactments of the persecution that Ms. Li suffered at Jinan Women's Prison. Practitioners who were at the prison are demonstrating the tortures.

Ms. Li Xiuzhen went on a hunger strike to resist her illegal detention. The prison guards used five to six prisoners to hold Ms. Li down, while they brutally forced a plastic tube, normally used with a gas can, into her nose to force-feed her with a mixture of salty water and corn congee. The plastic tube wouldn't go through her nose because it had become swollen and festered from the many past force-feedings. They then tried to force the tube down her throat. To prevent this, Ms. Li tightly closed her mouth. They used a pry bar to force open her mouth, and then pulled the tube back and forth in order to torture her. After six times, her nose, mouth, and gums all started to bleed and the bathroom tissue stained with blood piled up. The pain was beyond description.

Ms. Li was tied to a bed, and a tube was forced into her. Then they left the tube in her while her hands and feet were tied up.

The prison guards at Jinan Women's Prison often handcuffed Li at night. Then they tied both her arms and feet up with a rope and threw her onto a wooden board. They left her upper body on the board and tied her feet up to a chair, so that her lower back was suspended unsupported. The constant pain she experienced was excruciating. Prisoner Wang Aicheng also stepped on Li's belly and kicked her head. They often beat her until she lost consciousness.

One time, the Jinan Prison Politics Division Manager Hu, Prison Head Li, and Team Leader Fang came into the guards' room. Ms. Li started clarifying the truth to them about Dafa. They would not listen. Instead, Hu said, "Wait. Let me test how high your level is." Then he brought in electric batons to shock her hands, face, mouth and ears. He told her if she started shouting, he would continue to shock her. Ms. Li kept shouting, and Hu became exhausted from shocking her. Hu then told her viciously, "Don't stop. If you stop shouting, I will shock you again!"

One day, Ms. Li was carried out to the courtyard. When she saw many prisoners on their way to exchange shifts, she shouted out, "Falun Dafa is good!" At that time, Jail Head Li was there, and he swore at her. Prison guard Sun also brought over an electric baton to shock her violently.

On another occasion, Ms. Li tried to stop Division Manager Hu, Team Leader Li, and District Head Xu from shocking practitioners with electric batons. So they went into Ms. Li's cell and yelled, "We will teach you a lesson first!" Some hit her with a military stick, while others shocked her with electric batons. They even shocked her ears, which made her feel dizzy. Later Ms. Li developed blisters around her neck.

Whenever Ms. Li did the sitting meditation exercise, the perpetrators at the prison swore at and beat her. She was beaten up five or six times a day. During the daytime, she was tied to a metal chair.

After they finished force-feeding Ms. Li, they would sometimes pour spicy sauce into her mouth. Then they would seal up her mouth with wide scotch tape to prevent her from spitting it out. As a result, her mouth developed numerous blisters, and the skin peeled off and turned red all the way from her lips down to her neck.

Everyday Ms. Li shouted out, "Falun Dafa is good!" They sealed her mouth with scotch tape and put her in a guarded room. She was not allowed to contact anyone. Prisoners who were known to beat up others were assigned to watch her.

One time, the prison guards tried to force Ms. Li to wear the prisoner's uniform because their supervisors were going to examine the prison. When she refused to wear the uniform, eight people knocked her to the ground, stepped on her head, and sat on her arms and legs. They trampled and stomped on her. Li shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" They then stuffed smelly socks and shoes into her mouth and put the uniform on her against her will.

One day, five or six people carried Ms. Li to the courtyard to take pictures of her for an exhibition. Ms. Li refused to cooperate with them and shouted out loud, "Falun Dafa is good!" They swore at and beat her viciously. Some even pinched her mouth open and spat inside it as a way to humiliate her. Prisoners Li Xiuying and Xing Suyun made Ms. Li "sit on an airplane" (a form of torture where the victim is forced to hold an awkward posture for a long period of time), carried her handcuffed, straightened her body, and knocked her head against a wall until she passed out.

Ms. Li was deprived of sleep for 28 days. When she could no longer keep her eyes open, the perpetrators stuck scotch tape around her eye socket and pulled it up and down. Sometimes, they even used the end of a broom to prop open her eyelid.

Partial list of the prison guards at Jinan Female Prison in Shandong Province:

Wang Jing, Ma Xia, Liu Ying, Dou Qunfeng, Chang Baojia, Liu Jie, Han Yuanyuan, Liu Xiaoqi, Zhu Shuzhen, Ding Chuanfeng, Xing Suzhen, Zhang Yide

Partial list of the perpetrators:

Shi Yajuan, Ma Xiujuan, Gao Pimei, Zhang Yongli, Zhang Ni, Su Ziran, Ma Shucai, Liu Aihua, Tian Ying, Liang Xiaoping, Zhang Xiangqin

Address of Shandong Women's Prison: Jinan City Industrial South District, Shandong Province Jinan Women's Jail.