(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Yu Shujin from Yongji County, Jilin City, 55 years old, was arrested by the national security brigade of Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau and was secretly sentenced to 12 years of prison. Currently, he is imprisoned at the Nanshan Detention Center, Shulan City. Mr. Yu and four other Dafa practitioners who were sentenced at the same time refused to accept the judgment and are appealing to the Jilin Municipal Intermediate People's Court, in accordance with the law. The statute of limitations is now expiring for this.

When being arrested, Mr. Yu resisted the persecution. When he was interrogated, he shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good." He was brutally beaten by the police. The brutal torture, the harsh environment, and the serious spiritual pressure caused Mr. Yu to fall seriously ill. The police once took Mr. Yu to the hospital for first-aid and the doctors extracted a massive amount of blood from his body. According to the doctors' initial diagnosis, he had late-stage lung edema and would develop cancer if it occurred again. The detention center asked for money to have Mr. Yu' illness treated, but several years of suffering relentless persecution had left Mr. Yu's family poverty-stricken. They struggled just to maintain a basic standard of living and his family did not have the ability to pay the hospital bills. Now, Mr. Yu's whole body has edema. His abdomen has swollen to be very large and his legs are also swollen. All his internal organs are failing and it is difficult for him to eat. His body is extremely weak and he cannot take care of himself. He is in critical condition.

Because Mr. Yu's condition was extremely serious and he was on the verge of death, his family members asked Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau several times to release him. However, they refused.

Now, because Mr. Yu's family members do not have the money, the detention center authorities demanded to treat his illness, and the Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau refused to allow his family members to visit him. They claimed Mr. Yu refused to cooperate with them in having his illness treated and refused to release him.

We are now appealing to all people of conscience, from all walks of life to support and rescue Dafa practitioner Mr. Yu, who is critically ill. Help bring to justice the Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau and the detention center for their crimes of torturing and mercilessly beating practitioners, and displaying complete disregard for Dafa practitioners' lives.

The people who are responsible for Mr. Yu's persecution are Wang Tingbai, Li Jiazhe, Xiao Yong, Li Chang, Li Yaochen, etc., from the Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau.

The Deputy Chief of Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau is Xin He.

Police from Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau are Wang Tingbai, Li Jiazhe, Li Chang, Xiao Yong and Li Yaochen.

Nanshan Detention Center:
President: Zhuang Runjiang; Vice President: Sun Guangshan; Instructor: Guan Wenzhi.

Below are the relevant telephone numbers. Dial 86-432 before the phone numbers other than cell phone numbers. Dial 86 before the cell phone numbers.

Shulan Municipal Party Committee Office: 104 Shulan Avenue, zip code: 132600 Director's Office: 8222074

Shulan Municipal Disciplinary Inspection Committee:
Secretary office: 8230310, 8219336, 8223546
Inspection Office: 8224086
Office: 8223849
Law Enforcement Monitor Office: 821578
Appeal Office: 8211770

Shulan Municipal Congress Committee: Secretary General Office: 8223532

Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau: 29 Shulan Avenue. Zip code: 132600
Fax: 8223551
Chief's Office: 8224808
Deputy Chief's Office: 8224793, 8218390, 8230606, 8235626
Political Office: 8222209
Secretarial Section: 8223551
Supervising Office: 8239078
Detection Production Brigade: 8234788
Public Securities Branch: 8222562
Household Political Branch: 8225072
Legal Branch: 8234799

Shulan Municipal Judicatures Bureau: 101 Shulan Avenue, zip code: 132600
Chief Office: 8210008
Office: 8225703
Public Notary: 8223538
Rescue Center of Law: 12348148
Law service special line: 8210148
Caihua Law Office: 8224749

Shulan Municipal People's Court: 31 Shulan Avenue, zip code: 132600
Fax: 8237701
Chief Office: 8239961, 8225205, 8237621, 8237623, 8237620
Office: 8222574
Shulan Court: 8227744
Forestry Trial Court: 8225796
Law Police Team: 8237692

Shulan Municipal People's Procuratorate: 103 Shulan Avenue, Zip code 132600
Fax: 8225577-6201, 8225577-6202
Switchboard: 8225577, 8222718
Prosecutor Office: 8224271, 8223173
Complaint Center: 8212000

Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Jilin Province
Chief: Li Shaobo: 8224808 (Office), 8231063 (Home), 13804441999 (Cell)

January 03, 2005