1. A letter of appeal written by a criminal prisoner:

"Dear Government Leaders,

Our team leader assigned a few of us a task this month - to help lead in reforming Falun Gong practitioners. We have to try to get them to write a "Guarantee Statement" to renounce their practice, and for those who don't write the statement, we have to work in three shifts to keep them awake and not let them sleep. A few of them have not slept for seven or eight days. We are truly afraid that they might have health problems, so this would be our responsibility.

In fact, those Falun Gong persons are good people! Our conscience makes us feel apologetic, but we are also worried that our leader will not record our merits. Please, government leaders, take control of them! We fear retribution. In fact, one leader is "darker" than another here. They reap big money from the prisoners and demand profits in exchange for inmates' reduction of terms! Prisoners can do nothing but be patient, since the "education" or "reform" is phony! Only money can open the door to walk out of the prison gate. This is the darkest place! Of course there are good men here, too."

By a person who's serving his sentence in the Beijiao (North Suburb) Prison

December 28 2004

2. A letter of appeal letter written by imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners:

The so-called "Falun Gong Study Class" run by the Beijiao Prison in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, started on December 10, 2004. As in previous years, the police officers and criminal prisoners on the third floor of the "Special Supervised Building"(the building for supervising those cadres of the class of Director of a Division) openly abuse and physically torture Dafa practitioners. They try to force practitioners to renounce their belief in Falun Gong. Police leaders Wang Guobin and Jiao Wei are very evil. The criminal prisoners, with instructions from the police, have not let Dafa practitioners sleep for seven days in a row. People outside the building can often hear the shouting, "Falun Dafa is Great!" Police officer Jiao Wei, a deputy leader, told the prisoners publicly, "You should work hard here! You can cook your meals whenever you want. In case you're caught by the internal supervision team, you can tell them that you cooked for me."

This is the so-called "study class" that has been run in the prison by the Chinese government for five years to reform and "to help-and-teach Falun Gong practitioners." Monitors have recorded the whole process of persecuting Dafa practitioners.

By Falun Dafa practitioners in prison

December 28, 2004