(Clearwisdom.net) Since 2001, more than 30 Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally sentenced to prison and held at the Ya'an Prison in Sichuan Province. The guards and authorities at the Ya'an Prison have committed numerous crimes against Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners.

According to incomplete estimates, the following violent incidents have taken place at the prison:

  1. A practitioner was shocked with electric batons over 100 times. He is still being held at Ya'an Prison.
  2. Practitioner Rao Xiancheng silently sent forth righteous thoughts in her mind, and
  3. guard Wu Yun was unknowingly afraid and shocked her with an electric baton.

  4. In July 2003, after being held in solitary confinement for one month, practitioner Cheng Zhirong refused to give up her belief in Falun Dafa. Guards Wu Yun and Li Ke encouraged inmates to torture Cheng Zhirong, including shocking her with electric batons for over 30 minutes.
  5. Practitioners Luo Changyong, Xiang Qingshan, and others were forced to stand in military posture because they refused to be addressed as inmates. They were forced to stand for up to an entire day at a time.
  6. A dozen practitioners, including Zheng Wenzhi, Rao Xiancheng, Lu Sanfu, Luo Changyong, Mu Qiang, Zhao Tingwu, and Huang Guiquan were forced to run for a very long time, squat-and-sit-up over 100 times, and do 180 degree turn-overs 100 times. The practitioners later realized they should not cooperate with the evildoers, so they stepped forward and refused to follow orders. The guards had no choice but to give up their illegal persecution.
  7. Practitioner Cheng Zhirong was detained in solitary confinement for one month, Wang Xueming was detained for one week, and Mu Qiang was detained several times, because they refused to wear prison uniforms and refused to have their heads shaved.
  8. On April 14, 2003, practitioner Lu Sanfu refused to wear the prison uniform. Guard Chen Xinying encouraged the inmates to pin him down and beat and kick him. The atrocity ended when a dozen other practitioners, including Zheng Wenzhi and Luo Changyong, also took off their uniforms and sat near the drill ground in protest.
  9. On May 29, 2003, a dozen perpetrators including guards Liu Jiankang, Chen Xinying, Wu Yun, and An, the head of the Prison Administration Section, handcuffed practitioners Cheng Zhirong and Wang Xueming and sent them to solitary confinement. They then pinned down practitioners Lu Sanfu and Xiang Qingshan, put the prison uniforms on them, and took them to the fourth floor. They handcuffed Lu Sanfu to a bed with his limbs spread out in a painful position.
  10. Practitioner Mu Qiang, who is in his 20s, is a college graduate and lived in Xinjiang Hui Autonomous Region. He denounced the messages on the Dafa-slandering propaganda posters posted throughout the prison. The persecutors force-fed him. Guards Mu Qiang and Chen Xinying handcuffed him to the head of a bed or in a chair, then inserted a tube into his stomach through his nose before force-feeding him.

The perpetrators also isolate and monitor practitioners, and they make sure that no two practitioners are held in the same cell. Practitioners are not allowed to wash their dishes and go to the toilet at the same time as each other. The perpetrators arranged for two or more inmates to monitor each practitioner. The inmates record everything the practitioners do, including their meals, the things they said, their eye movements, and the looks on their faces. They also sleep in the same area with the practitioners to make sure they don't do the exercises at night. The guards also sent people to watch practitioner Wang Xueming's feet at night to make sure he wasn't doing the exercises.

Almost all practitioners held at the Ya'an Prison are forbidden to call their families. To this day, practitioners Mu Qiang, Rao Xiancheng, and Wu Shiqiu have not been allowed to write letters to their families. Mu Qiang was not permitted to ask his family for winter clothes. As a result, he has been forced to wear his only shirt all year long.

Practitioners Zheng Wenzhi and Xiang Qingshan were not allowed to go home when their terms expired. The prison authorities conspired with personnel from the local 610 Office to take the practitioners away in a police car to continue persecuting them.

Right now, it is estimated that more than 20 practitioners are still being held at the Ya'an Prison. The most harshly persecuted practitioners include Mu Qiang in Division 4, Rao Xiancheng, Wu Shiqiu, Wu Fenglin, and Luo Changyong.

The primary perpetrators responsible for the persecution are prison director Mu Zhigang, deputy prison director Liu Jiankang, head of Division 4, Chen Xinying, political director of Division 4, Wu Yun, guard in Division 4, Li Ke, and An, the head of the Prison Administration Section.