To the 2005 European Experience Sharing Conference

Greetings to all Dafa disciples at the conference!

While going through the persecution that has lasted for over five years, the Mainland Dafa disciples have--much as have the European Dafa disciples and Dafa disciples all over the world, who are exposing the persecution, clarifying the facts, and saving sentient beings--done what Dafa disciples should do. The Dafa disciples' combined efforts have made the truth known around the entire world and will leave the evil with no place to hide. This has fully displayed the magnificence of the Dafa disciples of the righteous Fa and righteous belief.

Six-year-old Tang Chengyu Suffers the Loss of His Father, Falun Gong Practitioner Tang Jian

( Tang Chengyu, son of Falun Gong practitioner Tang Jian, born on February 14, 1998, is now almost 6 years old. Since his fathers' unlawful arrest, Tang Chengyu has been living with his grandmother, Yang Kailing.

People Who Learn the Truth Spread the Grandeur of Falun Dafa to Others


1. "I would like to say from the bottom of my heart: The goodness of Falun Gong is truly great!"

Yesterday, my friends and I went to a restaurant for dinner. Before the food arrived at the table, one of my friends was very excited and said, "I have something to tell you! A few days ago my wife and I went shopping at a market. After we were done shopping and came back to pick up our motorcycle, we found a CD on the seat. We took it home and watched it. It was great, and we were deeply touched!"

Mr. Wu Junyang Tortured to Death at Bailou Detention Center in Benxi City, Liaoning Province (Photo)

( On the morning of September 18, 2004, with the support of Chen Zhonhwei and Liu Shaoshi, heads of the 610 Office in Benxi City, Liaoning Province, the Benxi Public Security departments illegally arrested over 50 Falun Dafa practitioners. Wang Lianying, over 70 years old, a retired government official from the City's 2nd Light Industry Bureau, was beaten to death by police from Hedong Police Station of Xihu Public Security Bureau that very night, raising a stir in the city. Further grievous news came today: practitioner Wu Junyang was persecuted to death 70 days after his arrest.

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