Canada: Practitioners Call Attention to the Persecution Leading Up to the Prime Minister's Visit to China (Photos)

( Minghui reporter Dong Na reports in Ottawa: On January 11, 2005, prior to Canadian Prime Minister John Martin's visit to China, nearly a hundred Falun Gong practitioners peacefully appealed in front of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. The Falun Dafa Association delivered a letter to the Prime Minister's Office, calling for the Canadian Prime Minister to urge the Chinese authorities during his visit to China to stop the persecution of Falun Gong and release all illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners including relatives of Canadians. Five Canadian major media outlets including CBC TV, CBC Radio and Omni TV covered the event.

Canada: Toronto Practitioners Rally to Call on Prime Minister to Help Stop Persecution (Photo)

( Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin will start an 8-day trip to Asia on January 15. He will visit China and Hong Kong from Jan 20 to 22. On January 11, despite the cold, Toronto practitioners rallied in front of Chinese Consulate to call on Martin to help stop the persecution and killing of practitioners and rescue those being persecuted when he visit China.

Germany: Practitioners Share Cultivation Experiences during the Holiday Season (Photos)

( Around two hundred Dafa practitioners from Switzerland, Austria and Germany gathered in the scenic forest region of Erbach in the central Germany to hold the annual holiday group experience sharing and study after Christmas. The activity lasted four days.

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