Even after the facts of the persecution of practitioner Jin Jiling were exposed earlier this year, guards at the Dingxi Jail in Gansu Province showed no remorse for their actions. On September 3, 2004, two Falun Dafa practitioners were beaten by jail inmates under the guards' instigation. Practitioner Bi Wenming was beaten so badly that his spleen ruptured and he died on the scene. More details follow.

On September 3, 2004, Political Instructor Wang Jin saw practitioner Bi Wenming reading a Falun Dafa book, and confiscated it. Jin Jiling told him he should not take the book away. Afterward, Wang Jin, Li Qingfeng, Wang Zhenghong, Qi Yonghui, Li Weimin, Kang Xinyi, Chief Wang, and Chief Sun handcuffed Jin Jiling and Bi Wenming. Wang Jin took eight electric batons and instructed jail inmates Shen Wuzhong and Meng Fulai to brutally torture Jin Jiling and Bi Wenming.

This incident occurred on September 3, 2004, around 12:40 P.M. When beaten, Bi Wenming shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," and Jin Jiling shouted the same words. Those inmates did not stop beating the two practitioners until Bi Wenming fell unconscious. By this time Bi Wenming's spleen had been ruptured by the continuous beating and he died on the scene.

Bi Wenming's family appealed over Bi's death, so the Procuratorate sent representatives to the jail to investigate the case. The Dingxi jail instructed jail inmates Shen Wuzhong and Meng Fulai, who beat Bi to death, to say that Bi committed suicide. The case was then closed.

To prevent the information from leaking to the outside, the Dingxi jail has arranged four inmates to strictly monitor Jin Jiling. They do not let him contact anyone, and even follow him when he goes to the restroom.

The address of the Dingxi jail:

P.O. Box 001

Dingxi City, Gansu Province

Zip Code 743000

Telephone Numbers: 86-932-821-2307, 86-932-821-2007, 86-932-821-2260, 86-932-821-2210