Head of Propaganda Department of Xiangcheng City in Henan Province Died of Retribution for Slandering Falun Dafa.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2004, Chen Qingyi, the head of the propaganda department of Xiangchen City, went to Beijing on a personal trip for Li Mingfang, Xiangcheng City Party Secretary. While his car was on the Jing-Zhu highway, a tire from a truck in the neighboring lane came loose and hit the car. The driver and Chen Qingyi were killed instantly, and the wife of Li Mingfang, who was sitting in the back seat, was seriously injured.

Chen Qingyi was the head of the propaganda department since 2001. In this capacity, he personally planned and directed Xiangcheng City media's vicious attacks on Falun Dafa.

Li Mingfan has been the Party Secretary of Xiangchen City since 2003, and has maliciously persecuted Dafa practitioners.

The People Who Persecute Dafa are the Ones Who Break the Law

Liu Lidong, the former police chief of Lianfangdong Police Station in Handan City, persecuted Dafa practitioners. He routinely sent police to follow, monitor, and abduct practitioners. In the spring of this year, Liu Lidong and his accomplices Fang Denguang and Xu Zhiqiang abducted Dafa practitioners Tian Yanpu, Zhang Yine, Zhang Jianhua, Duan, and Wang Shuyun. Zhang Yine and Duan are still unable to come home. Zhang Jianhua and Wang Shuyun were fined almost 10,000 yuan. Tian Yanpu was handcuffed to his bed by Liu Lidong for 3 days and was not able to move at all, and his former heart disease was exacerbated by their ill treatment. Liu Lidong insisted on sending Mr. Tian to a detention center despite his health situation. However, the detention refused to accept him due to his poor health.

Immediately after the Chinese New Year of 2004, the authorities abducted Dafa practitioners everywhere, when Dafa truth-clarification programs were spliced into cable TV stations. Liu Lidong also participated in the persecution of Tang Hui and other practitioners. He also fined practitioners heavily without giving any receipts.

In October 2004, Liu Lidong was arrested for an alleged crime of obstruction of justice, and he is now imprisoned in a detention center.

Persecutors in Dazu County, Chongching City, Received Retribution

Qin Longze, former Dazu County Education Commission Director, is responsible for the persecution of Dafa practitioners in the Education System. He was arrested for embezzlement.

Lei Tianhua, the new Education Commission Director, continued to persecute Dafa practitioners in the Education System. He was also arrested for embezzlement.

Chen Wu, the former manager of the Education Commission Enterprise, persecuted Dafa practitioners working in the company. He was relieved of his duties for embezzlement and other problems.