(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners from our group who are involved in clarifying the truth to the Manhattan police represented all New York Falun Dafa practitioners, and spent three days delivering New Year's greetings to all 22 Manhattan Police Stations and the Police Department Headquarters. We received a warm welcome from all of the police officers present.

We decorated our New Year's wishes and greetings with beautiful frames. The wording said, "Dear Police Chiefs and all Police Officers! Thank you and best wishes for the New Year! Your kind and professional help has warmed the hearts of all Dafa practitioners who have come from all over the world and gathered at your police station. We are very grateful and appreciate your efforts. We hope the New Year will bring boundless joy, happiness, peace, wealth and honor to you, your families, your relatives and friends. Signed, all New York Falun Gong practitioners."

With wonderful thoughts of blessings in our hearts and 120 chocolate candies per police station, we visited all the stations one by one. At each site we received great attention and courtesy. If the Police Chief were present, he would immediately invite us to come inside and chat. They were deeply touched by our actions. They said it was a pleasant surprise, a wonderful gesture and it was so nice to celebrate a New Year like this. They hung the framed letter prominently so that all police officers and people of the community who came in would see it. Some police station personnel put the letter in the most eye-catching position.

They also stated that they understand we are good people who have been persecuted. They asked us to let them know if we have any problems and need help. In order to best guarantee our petition activities, one Police Chief invited us to attend their internal officers' meeting to communicate with them. Other officers said they had seen us frequently on the streets.

When we left, all the officers happily said farewell. Some of them even invited us to visit them once a month.

We realized that these police officers were so delighted because they felt how we cherish them from the bottom of our hearts, rather than merely expressing conventional, superficial words in a letter and gifts of chocolates. We kept the focus of our visit on the New Year's greetings and did not mention anything related to work or to a plea for help.

We deeply thank our Master for his mercy. He guides Dafa disciples to treat people kindly and to offer salvation to people. He also taught us to look inward to resolve conflicts. In practice, we witnessed how civilized, pure and kind the New York police officers are as they accepted our blessings and appreciation.