(Clearwisdom.net) Since the suppression of Falun Dafa started on July 20, 1999, police and officials of the Wutong 610 Office have carried out arrests of Falun Dafa practitioners, ransacking their homes, extorting money, and even forcing women practitioners to go through abortion. Corrupt officials have taken the extortion of money as a shortcut to riches. For over five years, they have confiscated a large number of Falun Dafa books and many other materials then sold these items to a former schoolmate of Li Zuo, a Wutong State Security officer, for profit. Each Falun Dafa practitioner would be fined thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan.

Around October 2002, a Falun Dafa practitioner surnamed Zhang was arrested and taken into custody. Zhang's work unit was forced to post bail in an amount of over 100,000 yuan. This is more than seventeen times the average worker's annual income in China. Other practitioners who were not able to pay the arbitrary fines were cruelly tortured and then sentenced to prison. A young peasant from Guanying Town in Wutong was put through all sorts of torture, and then forced to eat an infamous "entree" for a whole month in the Wutong Detention Center - the "Hundred Treasure Congee" - which is made by mixing spit and phlegm into prison meals. A young pregnant woman from Shawan District was forced to abort her six-month-old unborn baby without her family being notified. The woman was then sentenced to seven years in prison. In November 1999, when the police were ransacking the home of an elderly teacher, they did not spare searching the bed on which her daughter was recovering during her maternity leave. The daughter, who is not a practitioner, had just given birth to her child and she has not yet recovered from the mental trauma of that day.

For over five years, despite a shortage of police officers, officials at the Wutong 610 Office still mobilized people from various organizations to follow, monitor and arrest Falun Dafa practitioners who posted Falun Dafa truth-clarifying signs and raised public awareness about the persecution.

On the afternoon of November 26, 2004, Wutong police and members of the 610 Office broke into practitioner Ms. Mao Xiuzhen's home and arrested Ms. Mao and two other women, Ms. Fei Yulian and Ms. Hou Guangxiu. All the three practitioners are in their fifties or sixties. On December 1, Ms. Hou's husband, Mr. Ren Wenqing, was also arrested. It has been reported that the couple is being held at the Wutong Detention Center. More details are under investigation.

Relevant telephone numbers:

Country code: 86; city code: 833
Han, director of the Leshan City 610 Office: 2435074, 2435075, 2435076
Lu Jian'an, party secretary of the Leshan City Political and Judiciary Committee: 2443496
Yang Hongwu, chief of the Wutongqiao District Branch Police Department: 3308586 (office), 86-13908139186 (cellular), 3301858 (home)
Huo Yiwei, commissioner of the branch police department: 3308006 (home), 86-13708132623 (cellular)
Du Gaoyin, director of the State Security Unit at the branch police department: 3303676 (office), 3302855 (home), 86-13518239618 (cellular)
Li Zuo, member of the State Security Unit: 3301774 extension 8556 (office), 86-13056603457 (cellular), 86-1270854212 (cellular)

December 7, 2004