(Clearwisdom.net) On December 24, 25 and 26, practitioners in Central Taiwan held a three-day group Fa study and experience sharing conference. Through study and sharing, practitioners found many of their own shortcomings. Some practitioners from distant locations sacrificed their vacation time to join this activity. They shared their personal experiences as well as the experiences of their local groups in promoting the Fa and cultivation, which touched many practitioners' hearts.

Group practice in the morning of December 26 in Zhongshan Park, Taichung City

Group study and sharing

Listening to Practitioners' Heartfelt Stories

The practitioner who organized this activity took the initiative to invite comments and evaluations from practitioners. A veteran practitioner who had been silent for quite a long time was moved to share her opinion and suggestions. Encouraged by her sharing, many practitioners in succession shared their understandings and suggestions. The coordinator sincerely thanked the practitioners for their sharing. With everyone's concerted effort, we will for sure all do better in validating the Fa.

True Improvement is to Give Up, Not to Gain

A practitioner from Taoyuan shared her experience. It was quite hard for her to join this activity. As a schoolteacher, she had to adjust her teaching schedule and arrange everything well at home before she could take a long-distance bus to the conference with her small daughter. She said that the sharing has helped her improve her xinxing a lot. She said that even though it looked as if she had given up a lot on the surface, what she had really given up were bad notions.

The First Thought is to Think about Others

Practitioners from Pingdong shared that they have several coordinators who always think about others first in every activity. Not just taking part in larger events such as going abroad to promote the Fa, for example, they always prepare breakfast for other first. With everyone's concerted effort and help from southern Taiwan practitioners, Pingdong recently held a large-scale anti-torture exhibition. The exhibition received very positive feedback from Pingdong citizens and many asked when we would have the second exhibition.

An Assistant Who Has Only Practiced for 4 Months

A practitioner shared her experience of practicing for just 4 months. As the regular practice site coordinator couldn't get to the practice site regularly in the early mornings, he delegated an important responsibility to her: bringing the audio-recorder to the practice site every day. Over the past 4 months, she overcame the laziness of not wanting to get up early, and managed to go to the practice site on time every day.

The Conference Site: "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities."

A professor shared a major obstacle, which he had just gone through. Though it was a giant hardship and the process was breathtaking, his belief in Master and Dafa was unshakable all the time. Despite the hardship, he still managed to do well in the three things every day and to participate in activities when invited by other practitioners. Though he was still in the process of eliminating karma on the day he left for this group study and sharing, he felt a mighty yet peaceful energy field as soon as he arrived at the conference site.

While a new year is approaching, we find our shortcomings through the group study and sharing. During these three days, we read Master's new articles as well as the recent article, "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York." We all sensed the urgency of the Fa-rectification, and enlightened to the fact that we should do the three things well and walk well on the path of Dafa practitioners, so that we won't disappoint Master's compassionate salvation.