(Clearwisdom.net) A little package was made even more special by having been smuggled out of prison by someone who risked his own safety to do so. The package's meanings are far deeper than those contained in its thousands of words.

The practitioners inside a prison entrusted a person to safely guide the package out through the locked doors and the searching guards to reach the outside world. What a daunting task it was to take this precious package, only the size of a lunch box, out of that closely guarded place of confinement.

Opening the package, after a few layers of paper coverings, one finds a few handwritten copies of Zhuan Falun, along with excerpts from Teacher's most recently published articles and lectures. Nine booklets together form one Zhuan Falun. Each of the nine lectures is made into a separate booklet, and all are the same size. Each booklet is about of one-quarter the size of a letter-sized piece of paper. Each is wrapped with its own paper cover and is neatly bound using a needle and thread. There are also a few smaller booklets, in varying sizes, containing hand-copied sections of Teacher's recent lectures and articles, as well as some of the poems from Hongyin, Volume II. It is truly amazing to open and read each little booklet! Every single letter on every page is neatly written. Every single stroke of every letter manages to be both delicate and powerful at the same time. Each word demonstrates the steadfast and sincere hearts in which Falun Dafa practitioners hold both the Teacher and their own personal cultivation paths!

People who have been held in these prisons know what a task it can be to find a pen, or even a decent piece of paper to write on. The prison conditions are terrible and the environment is an extremely cruel one. It is badly overcrowded, and prisoners have to learn to tolerate the many kinds of searches and indignities regularly inflicted on them. They are forced to perform hard physical labor and prison officials are constantly searching for new excuses to persecute them. Under these challenging circumstances, Falun Dafa practitioners still persist in their Fa study, reciting the Fa, and copying the Fa. Is there any power that can break this kind of indomitable spirit?

When the person who carried the package out of the prison learned the truth about Falun Dafa, he became steadfast in his resolve to take it out with him. Even though he understood the gravity of the risk he was taking, he proved himself worthy of the important task with which he was entrusted. After successfully taking the package out of the prison, he still had to travel for hundreds of kilometers and conquer many difficulties before finally passing it on to a Falun Dafa practitioner in the outside world. When he did so, his excitement was obvious as he repeated over and over, "I know Falun Dafa is good! I know Falun Dafa is good!"