(Clearwisdom.net) Shandong Province Falun Dafa practitioner Lu Xuesheng from Zouping County Taizi Town, is over 60 years old. She has been illegally arrested, detained and sent to labor camps many times. Her most recent detention resulted from writing the Shandong provincial party committee secretary Zhang Gaoli a letter to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and to request the release of her son, Wang Zikang, also a practitioner.

Lu Xuesheng and her two children are all steadfast practitioners. Since July 20 of 1999, Lu, her daughter Wang Xin, and her son Wang Zikang have all been arrested, detained and sent to labor camps, but they have never given in to the pressure to renounce Falun Dafa.

Mr. Wang Zikang, a graduate from Xi'an University, began practicing Falun Dafa during his studies in Xi'an. He brought the book Zhuan Falun home and later his mother and his younger sister also took up the practice. After Wang Zikang escaped from the labor camp with righteous thoughts, he worked at a collective enterprise. Though money was scarce, he bought a copier and was later sentenced to four years for printing Falun Gong materials.

Ms. Wang Xin, a technical college graduate, was a teacher. After she was released from the labor camp, she returned to her original work unit, Taizidou eighth elementary school, to teach. Because she refused to be brainwashed in labor camp, she was only paid a little over 100 yuan per month in salary, a fraction of what others were paid.

Ms. Lu Xuesheng was the first practitioner to go on a hunger strike to successfully recover the book Zhuan Falun from the prison guards in the wake of the persecution launched by Jiang's regime in 1999. No matter how severe the persecution, she never stopped clarifying the truth to the people around her. In her letter to Shandong provincial party committee secretary Zhang Gaoli, she clarified the facts, told him that Falun Dafa is good and requested the unconditional release of her son. The Shandong Province 610 Office chief, the Bingzhou City 610 chief and the Zouping County 610 detained Lu Xuesheng at the Zouping detention center. At present it is winter and the detention center is exceptionally cold. Lu Xuesheng, who is over 60 years old, is imprisoned and suffering for upholding truth and justice.

Relevant telephone numbers:

Secretary of Zouping County political and judiciary committee, Zhao Huaichen: 86-13906491669 (Cell) 86-543-4261212 (Office) 86-543-4322999 (Home)
Director of Zouping County 610 Office, Qiu Zhongfu: 86-13954351086 (Cell) 86-543-4330610 (Office)
Deputy Secretary of Zouping county party committee in charge of political and judiciary affairs, Cheng Zuotong: 86-543-4262081 (Office) 86-13805431616 (Cell)
Zouping County police station 610 Chief, Liu Jiping: 86-13905431777 (Cell) 86-543-4360300 (Office) 86-543-4360047 (Home)

Zouping County supervising and managing brigade chief, Ren Ruxing: 86-13563091006 (Cell) 86-543-4349075 (Office) 86-543-4223068 (Home)
Zouping supervising and managing brigade political instructor, Sun Ming: 86-13905431572 (Cell) 86-543-4349031 (Office) 86-543-4339478 (Home)
Zouping County Detention Center Director, Song Shouhe: 86-13563071900 (Cell) 86-543-4349030 (Office) 86-543-4360192 (Home)