Dear public procurators at all levels:

My greetings to you!

My name is Sun Dianbin and I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Because of my beliefs, I was sentenced to a 10-year imprisonment term by the Jixi City Court of Heilongjiang Province. I was sent to Harbin City Prison on April 12, 2002. At Harbin City Prison, all of the illegally detained practitioners suffered from various levels of physical abuse and mental persecution. In the beginning, the prison officers withheld letters, did not allow any family members to visit us, sent someone to monitor us all the time, set up limitations for going to the restrooms, and performed forced brainwashing. Later on, they started to beat us and implemented other physical and mental tortures. The following are two examples of how they persecuted me.

The Harbin City Prison Training Center Unit assistant team leader Zhang Jiushan put me into a small cell in order to force me to write the "three statements." Xu Ziqiang and She Junjie were sent to the No.1 cell and started to torture me. In the meantime, Zhao Jun, who was imprisoned at the same time as me, also suffered from similar persecution. Later on, he was sent to the hospital for medical treatment. After they threw me into the small cell, they put a pair of more than 50-pound foot shackles and cuffed my two hands together to a ring-link on the ground. I was forced to curl into a ball by this position. Xu Ziqiang then began to punch and kick me. I had bruises on my head, back, ribs, legs and all over my body. I lost consciousness during the brutal beating. I also lost control of my bowel movements. They tortured me for four days like this. During this time, Xu Ziqiang said, "Do you know what I am doing this for? I was sent by Leader Zhang to come and forcefully transform you. If we cannot convert you, we will set you afire after you die. I will only get three more years of imprisonment if I beat you to death." They tortured me to the brink of mental collapse.

On March 18, 2004, we had to answer some questions. Because my answer was not satisfactory for Zhang Jiushan, I, together with several Dafa practitioners including Li Chengyi, Zhang Yuliang, Zhang Chuanqi, experienced torture by a few criminals such as Guan Dejun, Liu Yanpeng, Jing Zhidong, Li Donghui and criminal "trainer" Liu Zhongli. They were all directed to do this by Zhang Jiushan. They forced us to hold a gesture called "riding a horse", meaning that we stood still and lowered our necks and placed our foreheads against the wall. Our bodies could not move even a little bit. Otherwise, we would suffer from brutal beatings. They made us keep that position until late in the second half of the night, only after which we could go to bed. During the daytime, we had to participate in the team assembly training, and we were not allowed to rest and were punished by being forced to stand for long time. Such persecution lasted for a week. In the meantime, Guan Dejun said, "Leader Zhang asked me to teach you a hard lesson." When we had team assembly training, Liu Zhongli said, "Leader Zhang told us to beat them hard. As long as they are still breathing and are not dead, it is good enough." Their abuse and persecution caused tremendous damage to us both physically and mentally.

I want to give two more examples of how Dafa practitioners were tortured in Harbin City Prison.

Dafa practitioner Bian Fanwei, who was detained in the tenth division in Harbin City Prison (and was transferred to Daqing City Prison on July 1), suffered from extreme torture by criminals who were ordered to persecute him. The criminals tied him up with rope and hammered sharpened chopsticks into his nails. They also used electric meters and electric needles to shock Bian Fanwei's body. In the winter, they stripped off his clothes and drenched him in a pool of water. They then exposed him to the harsh winter wind. Cold water was poured on him again and then, they left him outside.

Dafa practitioner Wang Dayuan was a professor in the Harbin Institute of Technology and was 32 years old. He was beaten to death by criminals incited by the second division guards in Harbin City Prison because he refused to write the "four statements" to renounce his belief. His fingers, two ribs, and arms were broken. He later died as a result of his injuries, in particular a broken rib rupturing his spleen. His death was announced publicly and verified by a medical doctor.

We appealed our case to higher authorities from Harbin City Prison, but our materials were withheld. In order to cover their actions, they transferred us one by one to other locations. In Daqing Prison, 30 of us Dafa practitioners submitted another appeal letter to a higher authority, condemning Harbin Prison's guards and some criminals, and asking them to fulfill their legal responsibilities.

We hope that our respected court procurators will handle this issue with fairness and return to us our legal human rights.

Sun Dianbin,

July 18, 2004